Since there's nothing new happening in these parts, I always think its fun to put together wish lists. Let's consider the very real possibility that the 12" is finished in the next couple years. If you knew there would only be 20 more figures produced, who would you want made (knowing that we're not getting a jabba)?
Here's my list ranked by most wanted:

1. Imp Dignitary 2pack with the vintage dignitary & dignitary #1 from the saga
2. line. Imagine the purple robes in that scale next to the emp & royal guard.
3. Leia Bespin
4. Lobot
5. Lando General
6. 2-1B
7. Weequay
8. Hammerhead (rumored)
9. Teebo & Paploo (2 for 1)
10. Nien Numb

Okay, now for the 2nd ten:
11. General Veers
12. FX-7
13. Droopy
14. Max Reebo (band still rumored)
15. Sy
16. Gonk
17. Snaggletooth (to finish of the original 21 vintage figs)
18. Squidhead tessek
19. Dr. Evazan
20. Any rebel soldier. It would be great to get generic soldiers with different head sculpts. From that base figure, hasbro could sell different outfits for hoth trooper, endor trooper, rebel fleet (tantive IV) trooper, and even bespin security and imperial officer outfits in gray & black (DS troopers as well). Heck, how about different rebel pilot outfits? The green a-wing or red b-wing flight suits would look great in 12" scale. I wish someone with sense was running things in Hasbro. They could make a fortune with this, and in the process give collectors loads of new figures.
Also with the 12" dignitaries, hasbro could rerelease the royal guard for those that wanted more. With the hoth trooper, the snowtrooper could be reissued for army building.
As far as rehashes go, I would still like to see a decent chewbacca. One that could carry the masterpiece 3po on his back. A new & improved stormy would be great, too, and it would be an easy transition to a sandtrooper which could be released in a package with all 4 shoulder pauldrons, backpack, binoculars, and the 3 different style guns we see the sandys with on tatooine. But I'll still take new figures over rehashes any day.