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    Thumbs up confirming gsj's pkg arrived 2day :)

    mixtape- already given it a break-in run; as w/swaffy's, i'll first listen several times to let it soak in think we should wait till i dub & send swaffy a copy of this before we start a mixtape thred? speakin of which, swaffy's VTapeclub pkg should be ready to launch as early as tomorrow, providing he emails his address in case i can't find. same goes for lbc & his vintage bousshelm.
    3-pak w/nx-ontop/ncc-underside excelsior;
    alien apc;
    voy shuttle, and
    voy w/busted nacelle
    all go to bjr except the last, which he & i'll swap out for one of his good ones as early as tomorrow, which'll make it all ready for enclosure in pkg to jdah. so maybe in the meantime jdah can get my ratts pod to me before it becomes fashionable in spring?? speakin of spring, swaffy, i don't think starcon is until ~april; at any rate, i doubt you'll start a frenzy if you post your wants here in the mm forum-

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    re: address

    VT, I emailed my address to you. thanks sir.
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    Exclamation whew!

    watta everlovin' wang dang doodle relief, i am soooooo unencumbered with remorse now that it's been published that the pakage arrived!

    that's it, the postal boys will not get another $3.95 outta my wallet!, fer fricken what, i dunno. 3 weeks in the chutes before arrival, sheeeesh.

    (btw jt, take note, i've been trying to use my allotment of 5 measly smilies, and so far none are inserting, if that's how we're fixing the joint, i say don't bother)(imagine a frustrated smilie here)(and here)(and here)

    i's been list'nin' non stop to your mix master supreme since it's arrival, full review will be pending mix tape club debut. however i will drop this lil' tid bit, the tape when considered as a whole is nothing short of amazin'!, it's damn close to being a perfect blend throughout it's entire run! definately not a collection intended fer individual cut listening!

    oh, and i forgot to mention packages other contents (embarrased smilie here)

    bab 5 sets 1-5 (that's right, you heard correctly, 1 through 5 complete!)

    predator transport mm
    all ships from gal voy set # 3
    a great article on the sleeper house (why they filled that jointup with walter platner furniture rubbish i'll never know)
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    Red face oooops! i'm a bad unappreciative boy

    i left out the most amazin' content that was included in vt's extr'ordinary package to me....................

    one, pristine, in the package mint die cast snowspeeder!

    for any of you who collect the diecast guys, you all know that this baby is without a doubt, numero uno on the tough to git list!

    thanx vt!
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    I sweettawked the receptionist

    ... @ work and she says she will covertly send the packages by DHL courier (so I don't have to cover the cost ) so yep. And in any case, of course, by Spring - Gods, don't suggest that we'll still be here then!

    I wouldn't mind you reconfirming the who gets the Betty and what happens to the latter mm ep1 pack (only cos I can't (be bothered to ) 'remember' (ahem) which thread those details are located in. I know I'm becoming more like WS every day (apart from the scalping). What I do is save in Outlook Express in my "collecting" folder all the emails I get for later referrals, The last emails I have are the ones from BC3 re the trek micros and Baal's Rancor queries.

    GOOD NEWS ON THE TAPE FRONT. I have a busy house DJ friend who I'm working with on some tracks at the mo' and he is going to give me an old tape deck he doens't like! (note I said 'like', not 'use'! - oh to be that rich) So, I'll be able to listen to SWAFFY's mixtape.


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    re: Jeddah's "I'll be able to listen to SWAFFY's mixtape"

    Cool !! ......... Sounds like VT made a terrific one for GSJ. VT: Was GSJ's mixtape the same as the one I received last year?
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    jdah: i get betty, i also get "latter ep1mm pak" :)

    you haven't hada tapedeck? then how'd you listen to My tape? you know, the tape you Still haven't critiqued? ; )

    swaffy: "thanks sir"
    -whodo i look like, peppermint patty? yer welcome marcie
    confirming your 16-item (counting 2ndgen dub of gsj's mixtape), VTapeclub mediarate pkg launch (a heavy, efficiently-packed box), eta 7-10; $4.93 as i recall (i forgot to get receipt ), plz wait till it arrives to make sure bout amount before paying.
    also confirming lbc's bousshhelm 1st class launch (i was able to find his address in my records), eta 3-5

    funny you should ask, swaffy: though they were composed individually for each of you, yours and gsj's 90-min tapes did turn out quite similar. most differences are due to acquiring some music after i made yours that i wanted to include on gsj's, so i jettisoned a few of the originals from your tape's basic template:
    gsj's has beat farmer's "california kid" instead of "happy boy";
    gsj's has Wigstock's "it's natural" instead of Wild Palms' "go chip";
    gsj's has axus' "near or far" instead of vanessa daou's "if i could";
    gsj's has byron stingily's "beautiful night" instead of 1+1=3's "i'm on beat";
    and gsj's has barry's "full moon domain" and "gene explores the titanic" (King Kong/Raise the Titanic) instead of potion's "dumbwayo"
    other than that, your tapes are pretty much identical, so you two'll have plentyo notes 2 compare : )

    gsj: "damn close to being a perfect blend throughout it's entire run! definately not a collection intended fer individual cut listening"
    -interesting; feel free to elaborate and uh, talk slower :happy:

    "postal boys will not get another $3.95 outta my wallet"
    -you're right; they'll be getting More (another likely rate hike in june ; ) )
    np: Your mxtpe

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    GSJ, SirSteve upped it to 10.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

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    Yippee Yi ay Yippee smiley ay!

    I don't think I could use up more'n 10 smileys in one post , now VT...that's another matter.

    VT, no, I have a tape player that conked out a year or so ago. I had listened to your tape several times, leant it to some low-maintenance friends who liked it and returned it, but I never got to replay it b4 my Sony tower carked it. I wasn't too shocked about my stereo as it was an 18th birthday present, so it lasted just over 3 months over the 10 years I had it (it was guaranteed for 10.... a conspiracy from Sony, praps???).

    About 3 years ago the vinyl player gave up the ghost too which really p'd me off as I have some great vinyl 12"s - Inner City - Hallelujah, Sheena Easton - Days Like This, Dee-lite GIITH, Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock - It takes 2 (containing the hopelessly over-sampled "Woo, yeah") and a squillion of janet jackson originals, S-Express, and lots of voguing tracks - predominantly from the Bootzilla Orchestra & U know who. If you compare my vinyls (bought from my age 16 - 20) with my CDs (bought from when I was 21 onwards) there is a marked difference in taste. I don't know what happened but I went from dance, early- house and pop, to what John calls "very black music" (it's always made me laugh that he - a 'brutha' - is into predominantly white hard techno music and I'm into "VBM" (aswell as "fringe" black stuff such as the odd Sade, janet, Aaliyah, DC) but I'm no wigger, I just like jazz chord progressions and well-produced music.

    Speaking of Aaliyah, I enjoyed reading the MAW forum (not one that I would join as I know very little) on More Than A Woman, and must conclude that the US release has more MAW mixes than the UK. We've got one remix ~ 9 mins long on the CD and the forum boys are right, her vocals sit very awkwardly on top of the instruments and are syncopated. The person, however, who commented that if she was alive they may have been able to get live new vocals was confused methinks; in the commercial (and album) release she sings; "More than a lover, more than a woman" etc but on the MAW mix, the vocals are "More the lover, more the woman." etc so this remix may have been done beore she left us. Afterall she'd just finished the video for MTAW when she died, having spent the day shooting it..... maybe they edited with Recycle/Rebirth or perhaps - knowing the multi-vocal layers of contemp RnB music these days, they may have lifted an underlying vocal, perhaps.

    I just love the bassline that comes in after 1.30 mins and and the clavi and rhodes, that's why I listen to the MAW mix. Was thinking of sampling it. I also think MAW would do a great mix of Jay-Zs "Izzo HOVA". Did you ever hear their Remixes of "You Want THis" by janet? they were good (except she now always goes for Neptunes and the awful Thunderpuss)

    Okay on EP 1 & Betty mailing details. I can't get it for free at work, but with the business rates it's only going to cost me about 11.00 - 17.00 to DHL them - cool huh?

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    Arrow elaboration

    the compilation fades in with a wonderful, almost jaunty, john williams snappy composition, "zapata, which features the twangy guitar offerings of vic flick (who gives duane eddy a run for the money as the twangiest show in town!), from that point on, it's a fabulous blend of muzical styles running from the over the top camp of tabboo, "it's natural" from wigstock, to the extremely serious, mesmerizing folk offerings of Sapo Perapaskero, "Balada Conducotorolui" from the motion picture (i love the way "motion picture", or as in hollywood lingo go's, "picture" sounds in lieu of the crass, bourgeoise moniker of "movie") , Latcho Drom. btw, being part hungarian, and having seen this picture ( :happy: ), it was a wonderful surprize finding this gem on my mix tape! (npw i gotta track down the soundtrack to include in me own collection!). ( gypsy tramps and theives, we hear it from the peopl...................)

    as i am not going to go into a full review here, i will close by saying that the entire tape provides a complete listening experience, and that upon subsequent re-listen's (and let me tell you, it's been the only thing playing in my car for more than a week now), the track listing is still fresh. and continues offering more and more delights upon each go round!

    am i still tawkin toooo fast?

    np: lou reed - nyc man
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