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Thread: DEAD line

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    If you feel like you might go over in smilie count, simply tick the "Disable Smilies in this post" and then, once it's up, edit it and de-tick that.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Lightbulb so that's how we beat the system!

    just what i need in my life, another work around
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    what's so funny 'bout peace love and understanding

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    Re: so that's how we beat the system!

    Originally posted by good shot jansen
    just what i need in my life, another work around.

    is it just me, or does that quote resonate for other readers with a deep inner significance that goes way beyond the context of GSJ's post?
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    Very much of interest

    Hi all y'all.

    I have visited this site after a jaunt around the replica props forum and the guy also collects AF and the odd Hasbro toy, but mostly is into accuracy. I saw this Amidala on throne and I have to have one (go down the page a little)

    Also, The HTF Hasbro Collection fleet SSD is here too Gods only know hwere he got this from


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    jdah: might've sighted thronygirl; she'd fit in pkg; lmk max price

    "never got to replay it b4 my Sony tower carked it"
    -which got "carked", the mixtape or the tower? if the latter, >whew< ; )
    my fave inner citys are "united", "do you love what you feel", "pennies from heaven", "do ya" and maybe "good life" : ) fave deelite remix 12''s are "*****cat meow" & "runaway" (maw did the latter) : ) i have an s-xpress 12" remixed by Philip Glass of all people :eek: alas, it's nuthin special. not familar w/them other hacks you name ; )

    "in the commercial (and album) release she sings; 'More than a lover, more than a woman' etc but on the MAW mix, the vocals are 'More the lover, more the woman'"
    -it's not inconceivable that maw truncated a syllable from the lyric; after all, they do work directly from master tapes (hence their name). i take it this ain't the bee gees song?

    "'You Want THis'"
    -. . .deaun't you?? (palpster ;P ) maw did that? guess i'm not familiar. but then, cuz of reasons detailed here, there's lotsomaw i ain't kept up with :o

    "love the bassline"
    -one of maw's strengths :cool:

    "clavi and rhodes"
    -what're those, 2 of the duran duran boys? ; )

    "going to cost me about 11.00 - 17.00 to DHL them - cool huh? "
    -i'll hafta take yer word for it; $17-28 sounds like a lot 2me, but maybe dhl is the concorde of shipping? do they douse the pkgs in dom perignon or sumthin? ; )

    gsj: "jaunty, john williams snappy"
    -oh? i'd peg it more stark, morricone-y, spaghetti-westerny badassy : ) imo williams has great command of a symphony's pyrotechnics, but i identify more enduringly w/the poetry of others (barry for one) : )

    -i prefer "haunting", maybe even "macabre" :dead:

    "love the way 'motion picture', or as in hollywood lingo go's, 'picture' sounds"
    -& i luv the way "flik" types so e-z : )
    "tell us something reVolTing about you." "i pick my nose. i roll em & FLIK em, but i don't eat em" -recent mag interview with FLIK star hbc :eek:

    "having seen this picture"
    -yeah but did you see me Hump that picture :happy:

    "gotta track down the soundtrack"
    -though it was a frog import, i bagged mine used for <$6 : )

    "still tawkin toooo fast?"
    -lemme put it thusly: now i need a cigarette, & i don't even smoke : ) anyone else wanna wax it up poetic? :kiss:
    so swaffy, even though it was on 2 cdrs instead of 1 120min tape, is the mix you made for gsj the same as the one for me & jdah?
    np: kim english, "nite life" maw mix
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    Unhappy uh boy

    did i say williams when speaking of zapata? i meant to say barry

    me i couldn't give a rats patootie with regards to williams. he managed to hitch his star to some of 'ollywoods biggest directin' wagons, and poof! he's another friggin mozart wouldn't bother me at all if he kept his orchestral twinky's up in tanglewood fer good, boppin' with the pops. i can't believe i typed williams!

    must be cuase i was tawkin' too fast to even notice

    clavi and rhodes translation:

    clavi - clavichord, keyboard string instrument dating from about 1740. bach used the instrument widely. what gives the instrument it's bright metallicy sound is that the tangents (hammers) are solid brass, striking a brass wound string. (as opposed to the piano which uses felt hammers to hit the strings)

    rhodes - electric piano made by the rhodes company (formally a division of fender guitars) the rhodes unfortunately has been used to produce some of muzaks worst moments (ala styx's "babe", and bj's "just the way you are ) what produces the signiture sound of the rhodes is that the felt hammers strike a tuning fork which gives it that mellow sound. actually the rhodes is the instrument of cherce if diagonal wood is your goal.

    when it comes to electric pianos. i'll take the wurlitzer over the rhodes any day of the week. most notable wurlitzer song i'd have to say is ray charles "what'd i say" the wurlitzer's got an edge to it, that the rhodes lacks.

    of course, you prolly knew all this already, and i'm 'sumin' you wus mearly pullin' ol' jeddah's leg
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    what's so funny 'bout peace love and understanding

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    HI you 2

    Nae worries, VT, it's the Sony that's carked, not the tape. And yes, I had considered what you posit re MAW and Aaliyah, but if they have, then it is seamless and superlative mixing. As far as "You want this", I guess you didn't realise there are 12 mixes, and MAW din't do em all, innit!

    Gsj, thanks for explaining , but I think you;ree confusing harpsichord with Clavichord, non? For examples of Clavs, listen to Stevie Wonder's "Maybe your baby" from..... yep your favourite; "Songs in the key o' life".

    So you like EPs.... if you like the strike of the Wurly, I guess you like a DX7 too?


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    after all these years.....

    ain't it funny, that the dx-7 is still the reigning king supreme of the fm syths? i actuall got a two year old psr 500, that gives me enough of the 7's abilities without havin' to have a phd in electronics!

    my 1st syth waaaaaay back in 75 was a micromoog, gawd i loved that thang! in 79 i sold my soul pretty much to raise the scrap fer a polymoog. what a luxury it was in those days to play more than one note at a time. sadly both instruments are no longer in my poss. my apartment was robbed back in 83, and the burgler made off with both

    clavi and harps are similar instrruments, the clavi was designed for primarely the bass and mid range only. i believe the clavi came 1st, with the harpsichord as a sorta new and improved model allowing for higher ranges. this was accomplished by means of the double layered keyboard found on most harpsichords from the 18th century.

    here's a link which gives a brief history of the clavichord

    the clavi used by steivie on maybe your baby (btw one of my absolute fave wonder tunes!) (and i do believe that it is actually on tawkin' book, 2nd track, right after you are the sunshine of my life not dreck in the key of g# )is indeed clavi, albiet an electric one.

    when i'm tawkin' keyboard sounds with others, i too always use the word clavi when tawkin' bout that electric wah keyboard sound (another good example would be rick wakeman's journey to the center of the earth, or dave mason's ala bonnie bramletts only you know and i know)
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    what's so funny 'bout peace love and understanding

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    re: "is the mix you made for gsj the same as the one for me & jdah?", etc..

    VT - other than the recording media it's identical, down to the booklet which I had the foresight to print & bind an extra copy of when I made them for you & Jeddah.

    GSJ/Jeddah - regarding your comments on what makes the signature sound of a Fender Rhodes organ - have I been going on the false notion for the last 20 years that its signature sound was really due to the belt-driven spinning horn in the upper section of the speaker amp that's always connected to the keyboard?
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    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    Arrow wrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    that be the sound of a leslie rotating speaker cabinet whirrring away whilst greg allman is coaxing out whipping post on his hammond b3 organ. or if you perfer kieth emerson plungin' daggers into the b3 keys while draggin it around the stage all while playin leonard bernsteins america from west side story
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