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Thread: DEAD line

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    .....I know your miniheads and Rancors weren't on the dispatch list, but as soon as I can afford to send them, I will. They'll need to be split up into packages so I can send them par avion too..I hope this won't affect my career chances in the furnace....

    jeez, all these bises! What is a gal to do? Luckily I had a shave this morning

    BTW, BC3, that package at the post office, may be from me....

    One thing I will ensure in future is that things're sent promptly.


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    Question i say tomato you say tahmahto........

    we seem to have a cross pond lingo snag again what exactly is bises, and why do you need to shave fer em?
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    Thumbs up well you gots lots o' bises headin' in your direction!

    your package arrived today!


    the ever elusive epic collection sets IV-VI are incredible! the scimitar assault bomber has just become my favorite star wars vehicle toy of all time!

    the rounded bottom of the tafanda bay is a suprise!

    the coral vanda is a much cooler ship in person. the photos do not do it justice, as i had previously thought that it was dreck before getting it!

    bises bises and more bises!

    i couldn't care less if you've shaven this morning or not!
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    Glad you liked them - and got them . How funny that they were sent to me via VT from the states and have since returned

    I hope that the packing was okay. I was more worried about the packing for VTs shipment as they were more teensy (mms) and I removed them from the packages (you know how he is about weight and efficiency ) and thw SST MMs have leggy wingy bits and all Oh, and I'd like all my stands back now that BC3's sent me all these ST mms [j/k]

    ps. will Mason be allowed to play with them?

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    Originally posted by jeddah
    will Mason be allowed to play with them?
    the scimitar bomber is already terrorizing the sky's of his bedroom!

    he's wanted one forever!

    one of his all time favorite books is the essential guide to vehicles, and the scimitar was always his favorite ship.

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