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    Lando Skiff disguise

    A little less then a year ago, Hasbro was producing some of the worst Star Wars figures of all time, with silly poses and action features many fans were becoming very frustrated with their hobby, passion, love.

    It is safe to say the dark times are over (at least for now). Lando skiff disguise may in fact be the best Star Wars figure ever!

    The sculpt and paint are wonderful. Lando has a very neutral pose. The paint aps. Are brilliant. Lando also comes with the appropriate accessories. A skiff gun, staff (which is a little flimsy) and a helmet that fits like a glove. Landos helmet is made of a soft rubber to form fit his head and it looks exactly like it did on film.

    The articulation is limited like most Star Wars figures. However he has a wonderful ball jointed neck.

    To add to all the excitement of this figure, put him next to the POTF2 Lando Skiff and get ready for a shocking difference.

    This is the kind of attention of detail I demand for all Star Wars figures. Figures like Lando Skiff disguise will ensure Hasbro my money for years to come.

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    I agree, great figure, it's the kind that makes me wish for more old POTF2 Jabba's Palace resculpts like Bib Fortuna and Weequay.
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    I cant wait to find this figure. Thanks for the review
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    This is a very good version of Lando. I don't mind the "re-do's" if they truly improve on what came before and this one delivers.
    I agree with crosswizard...the time has come for a resculpt of Bib Fortuna. I always hated that strange spilt robe thing and Hasbro's proven lately they can do good looking robes. Here's hoping....

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    Ok, I just bought the new Skiff Lando today and gotta say: He Rocks !

    At ten points of articulation, this figure has enough to really allow a great range of movement. As to the sculpt: WOW. Very, very well done - the wrinkles, the face, the separate skirt, three accessories and a killer paint job really take this fig up a notch. I would say this is one of the few times that the final product looks better than what we see on the cardback. The helmet fits on Lando's head perfectly, the gun goes in the holseter perfectly and Lando can hold the staff in several ways...this is near perfection.

    For those that want critical comments: the only issue is that Lando's neck does not match his face and hands, but once the helmet goes on, you cannot tell at all.

    This new and highly improved Lando fig gets an easy 'A' in my book. OK, I'm off to melt down the POTF2 one now...

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    Good review.

    I'm actually perfectly happy with the POTF2 Lando -I think it looks great.

    I'll have to see the new version in person.
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    I just found one of these guys today (amidst a gang of hoth soldiers). Holy crap this is a great figure! It really is as awesome as you all are saying here. Fantastic job by Hasbro.

    Hey Amanamatt,
    The neck color on mine actually matches pretty good. I wonder if they made a production change on this one?

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    Nice review, I am looking forward to picking up this figure.

    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reefer Shark
    Hey Amanamatt,
    The neck color on mine actually matches pretty good. I wonder if they made a production change on this one?
    I am glad to hear it. Mine may have just been a goof. Overall, best Lando ever, IMO.

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    Wishing he was at SDCC. *sigh*
    I saw TRU had some of the 12" figures for around $10. However when I went and scanned the Lando, he came up at $19.99. I already own one, but as a boxed collector, I only open the figures that I get on clearance. I really want to get a Lando in skiff outfit to open.
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