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    Is this real!?!?

    Can anyone tell me if this is legit...

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    Hhhmmmm cool pic!!!! Well, it's a legit picture obviously, but wether it's LFL official or just some creative fan with a great costume some electrical skills and a decent camera...who knows! The only thing I can lend is that, Vaders' suit was shown in that "Back in Black" behind the scenes video, so I guess it's possible that this is know what I mean! Still it's a kick-arse pic, for our twisted little imaginations to wrap around!!! One can only dream...

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    No I don't believe the pic is a real one from the new movie
    I remember seeing this on a website for a custom vader suit. I'll see if I can find the link

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    I hope it isn't real. There's somehting wrong with it, the costume doesn't quite look right.

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    What's he sitting on? If that's a rock and this is supposed to be from Ep. iii then the production values have gone way down. If it's a Sith toilet, then Vader looks like he needs a newspaper.

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    Too much time..

    Well, it looks like Vader and it has the green border like all of the other SW Insider pics, but it probably was a photoshop dealie.. Its cool though, sorta.. Hey if u wanted to, u could purchase a Vader suit, a good one off of EBAY for like 2-3 thousand..

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    It's a custom from called "King Vader".
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    Wow wow wow!!! Is that really him!!!!!!!!!!

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    It sorta looks like a gray royal guard with a squashed head...
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