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    Code 3's Slave I - is it 12"?

    I was reading Yakface moments ago and theres a piece of older news on Code 3's Slave I. It goes on to mention "it'll look great with a Marmit Fett". Went to Code3 site but there was no mentioning of the ship's scale. If its indeed 12", then this will be a huge one and I'll be looking forward to owning one. Anyone has any info?
    Sorry if this was discussed before, haven't been too into SW these days.
    Any info is greatly appreciate

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    Nope. Not 12". I think they're just saying that they'd look good displayed together. I know the Falcon is 1:80, and the X-Wing is 1/38th.

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    Thank you very much JJB on the clear up. On one hand, I'm sad that this piece of really nice looking Slave I is not 12" and on the other hand, glad - that I do not need to pay big time for it

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    You'll probably still be paying bigtime!

    The final version they release will be about 2X - 2.5X an Action Fleet vehicle.
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    Nah, if its not 12", then I won't want to own one
    Thanks for the input. But come to think of it, there really isn't much 12" vehicle around other than the Speeder Bike and Sith Speeder. I suppose the other stuffs would be too big to make.

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    Hello Humsup

    Slave I is slightly over 12 inches and is 1:65 in scale.


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