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    Sweet. I had a feeling we'd see this happen.

    Any idea on when it's gonna be released? I'll be picking that up for sure!

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    You don't know what a cheak is? Well I have four cheaks!

    ....wait a minute, that would be four cheeks...

    Not sure what a cheak is, but you know what he meant.

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    what exactly are they promoting? season 2 of clone wars, dvd release, lithographs, animate looking comic?

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    Its the new dark horse comics.

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    Looks pretty cool. Is that Grevious? He looks a little too much like Durge (in the face) on here anyway. Nice to see Bultar Swan again.
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    Nah, I think that's Durge. It does look a bit different than the Durge in the cartoon though for some reason.. Still can't wait for this comic though!

    Here's a concept pic of Grevious. Don't know if that's what he'll look like in the flick or cartoon, only time will tell.

    WARNING!!!!!! THIS PIC IS A POTENTIAL EPISODE III SPOILER...... Don't click if you are avoiding spoilers!!!!!!

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    It's not Durge, it's just a droid...


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