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    Terminator 4 News!!

    Hmm, not to sure about the plot for this one. But Terminator 3 was remarkably good in my opinion. And atleast Mario Kassar is remaining involved in the sequels. The following news from Dark Horizon:
    Producer Mario Kassar recently spoke to a Lebanese film magazine regarding production for Terminator 4 and TheArnoldFans transcribed a copy of the key elements of the article:

    "T4 is in the works. The screenplay will be ready in 8 or 9 months. Once we have that, we will proceed with the production. The question that has never been answered in all the Terminator films is time travel. You can come from the future to change the present. But we never see how they go back to the future, which is a subject that can be explored. I think you already know where T4 is going from the ending of T3."
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    How about this for a plot? The Terminator comes back through time to the year 2003 and destroys all copies of Terminator 3 and wipes the entire movie from existence before it was ever released?

    Seriously, no more! They've already killed the franchise, why keep shooting it?

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    They've already killed the franchise, why keep shooting it?
    I could go in soooo many different directions with that, being that this is a Terminator thread, but I won't.

    I enjoyed the third Terminator movie. Though, I always pictured John Connor as being a bit...bigger.
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    I enjoyed the 3rd one also. Infact it rates just under Terminator II for me. With the original coming in dead last. Sure the original set up the story. But I like the different paths taken in 2 and 3. Bring on 4, I'll be plunking my money down for this baby.

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    Terminator 3 was very enjoyable. Although, I preferred the original out of the three. It was just really fast paced, very dark and moody.

    I'll for sure see Terminator 4. But they can leave things as they are now though because it has brought the franchise full circle. John Connor survives and leads the humans to victory in the war against the Machines.
    Any other Terminator movies would be purely set in the future, basically just a war movie set in the future. They'd have to be. The plot of a Terminator coming from the future to kill John Connor is getting old now. I'm surprised that's what they actually did in T3, I thought it might be something a bit different.

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    T3 was surprisingly good, I am down for a part 4.
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    Thumbs up

    How about the Terminator going back in time and fixing the California elections so that it can become the Governor....

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    Well, the plot incongrueties that T3 set up aside, T4 sounds a lot like what Cameron's T3 was going to be. A day late and a dollar short.

    Oh, and someone mentioned elsewhere that "Cameron liked the direction that T3 was taking..." I haven't seen nor heard Cameron's comments myself on that, so all I can do is guess, but after thinking about it (and knowing what kinds of things Cameron is into these days), I'd be willing to bet that what he was referring to was this T3 concept of Skynet infiltrating the internet. It seems very unlikely that he was referring to the overall plot which decimated all that he took great pains to set up in T2. I was just going through some of the T2 dialogue the other day and it says point blank how when Skynet "evolves" and everything goes down. T3 ignores the concept of "Skynet suddenly becoming aware...scientists realizing it and trying to shut it down in a hurry...and Skynet's reaction". T3's timeline is far more plodding, as Skynet appears to have been self-aware for the majority of the film with no one the idea that the war was going to happen no matter how many sequels get made.

    With all that in mind, and the seemingly impossible situation of thinking that they can put a stop to the madness from the present, it seems logical that young-John would make an attempt to go into the future to wipe out Skynet before it ever sends back the T-100 (from Terminator 1) as it was the chip that was left over which gave Miles Dyson the vision to create Skynet in the first place.

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    I guess they'll be writing Arnold out of this one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Exhaust Port
    I guess they'll be writing Arnold out of this one.

    And it's about f'ing time! Besides "name value" was there any need to make a complete rehash of T1 & T2 using Aaanold?


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