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    What happened to Star Wars?

    I just saw recently the LOTR, RETURN OF THE KING.
    I thought it was very good! Having seen all three Lord of The Rings
    films, i have to ask this question. Mr. Lucas, how did you fumble the
    ball on Star Wars episodes I and II?
    I am a big fan of Star Wars and i also collect Star Wars merchandise.
    Plus i attended celebration II in INDY, and plan to attend celebration III.
    I don't want to be critical, but i feel episode's I & II lacked a good story
    line and plot. The one thing episode's I & II had was fantastic special effects.
    I was expecting alot more!
    I know, maybe trying to be as good as episode's IV, V, & VI was expecting
    too much, but geez, look how many years Mr. Lucas had to work on it....

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    First, this is in the wrong area.

    Secondly, It's called opinion. Some people like the prequels, you should know. And some people hate the LOTR Trilogy. Also, all Peter Jackson did was adapt novels that had been written already. So you can put a lot of the storyline thanks in Tolkien's corner. Not Jackson's. Also, as much hype as there was leading up to the prequels, nothing short of the second coming would have been up to some people's expectations.

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    Well, that's one of the funniest SW related screen names I've seen. Shopping Maul? Damn, that's good.
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    I'll concur on the "Shopping Maul" part!

    As far as the "expectations" comment goes, that is a cop out and an insult to everyone who didn't find much enjoyment in the Prequels. Personally, the "hype," as it was termed, wasn't an issue for me. I'm a big boy and can separate the film from the media storm, which, by the way if you haven't noticed, has pretty much died down now. And guess what? The Prequels still aren't so good. Crazy, huh?

    But that's beside the point really. I don't think that anyone was expecting that the Prequel's should necessarily be better in any regards. All most people were looking for was something that was at least on par with the established Saga. On many levels (but mostly story), the Prequels didn't even approach the same ballpark.

    Now, as we've done in the past, this idea of "opinion" can be bandied back and forth, and there is no one arguing that we all have a right to "like" or "dislike" whatever we please, but in terms of story, plot and character continuity, the Prequels empirically suffer relative to what "society" defines as "good" literature/storytelling. You can like it, but it still doesn't change the fact that it takes a great deal of apologizing and filling in the blanks in order to make the whole thing work out in some contorted way.

    I too would like my 5 minutes in the sun with George to ask him why he made the decisions he did. Maybe Tim Russert can get him to sit down next Sunday as well.

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    I dunno......... what happened? Did it get lost? Did it go away? I thought SW has been fine. Like JJB says, its an opinion and we all have em.
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    Being a long time SW fan I was really looking forward to the prequels. After seeing EP1 I was a little let down. I knew a lot of time would be spent establishing characters, plots, etc; but I didn't think it was done well. I wasn't upset about characters like Jar-Jar because it was a likeable thing for kids and in fact it was the first reaction by the audience to the movie. Parts of the film were plain boring and although the effects were there some of them were lacking. I thought they did a good job animating Yoda and Watto but the big panoramic scenes were really phony looking. Overall I liked the movie because I'm a SW fan but it was lacking. I had tickets for 3 showings. I used the 1st for the midnight showing, the 2nd for a few days later and the 3rd I still have. When I watch it on DVD at home I fall asleep during some parts but maybe thats age.

    I thought EP 2 was a lot better but again some of the panoramic scenes really looked CG. I hope CG can do better than this and its just Lucas that isn't using it right. Nemo may be a cartoon but the use of CG was great. Not as much of a letdown as EP 1 but theres only so much you can show in the timeline Lucas allows. I can't understand why he tries to stick to a 2 hour film like the theaters wouldn't accept it. Look at all the films that did great making the features longer. I only went to one midnight showing for it and waited for the DVD to see it again.

    I am anxiously awaiting EP 3 and I hope its longer, better and answers all of our questions. Its going to have to be a lot better than the first two to make a smooth transition into ANH.

    Its a shame when a fan has to frequent the forums to find creativity in Starwars.

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    I'm just glad Elijah Wood was never in a Star Wars movie. Having never read the Rings novels, I don't know what Tolkien's description of Frodo was . . . but if Frodo was supposed to be an overly feminine guy with big goofy staring eyes and a hammy *sigh* in his face, well then Jackson found the perfect actor.

    Hell, I don't know why Wood gets so much praise as an "Actor" portraying Frodo when all he's doing his playing himself in a wig with rubber feet.

    I'll take Mark Hammill anyday.

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    Usually, I will write something corny in my replies, but this is a topic which really eats me up.

    First of all, I have grown up watching the classic Trilogy. I am a huge fan who has spent far to much time and money on a series of movies. As of late we all have seen a huge comeback of 80's type merchandise and t.v. shows, that just proves that we all have emotional attachments to the things we grew up with. I feel this is why so many people have such strong emotions for the classic trilogy. Besides the fact that they are timeless classics.

    Has anyone ever thought that when we have children or if we ask children in the future, which movies they liked better they might pick the new trilogy over the old? If asked how they rate the movies in order of there favorites, that AOTC or TPM or even E3 will be one of that kids favorite of the 6 movies? To many people expect to much out of the new trilogy in to small of a time span. I think we all wished that A New Hope started as Episode 7, rather then 4, so we could get 3 more movies and Lucas could have had more time to introduce characters slower and had more time to develope Anakin into Vader. Regardless, I am taking what I am getting and I am still a lot more satisfied now then when I though I would never see episodes 1-3.

    The one thing I am not clear on with all of this is, I thought Lucas had originally written all 6 movies and tried selling them as a series and that he was only given a chance on of the six. Is this true? Can any of the masters clear this up for me? I was under the impression that a New hope was the chosen movie to be given a chance and if it did well their was an option for two more. If this is true that would explain why Lucas was so hesitant to make the new movies and why they are the lesser of the 6. That's just my opion, I hope I do not offend anyone with it.
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    IIRC, Lucas originally thought he could cram all 6 films into 1, then looked at what he had and realized the segment we now know as ANH was the one that would make the best stand-alone film.
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    Hello Shopping Maul (dope screen name), I really do not believe anything is wrong with the prequels. In fact, they seem quite good, and it really is great to learn about the etymology behind the greatest villain in cinema.. The simple fact is that film and the social consciousness was in a different place in the 70's, and for anyone to expect to feel exactly like they felt when they first saw ANH, is setting themselves up.. The fact is, today, we are inundated with spectacular cgi-based films. Yet back in the day, there really were not many other films like Star Wars. So we must give PROPS to our man Lucas for ushering in a new era of filmmaking.. An era that brought believable special-effects and storytelling together for the first time.. Yes there were many films that had effects b4 ANH, but ANH was a GREAT cut above the rest. Just my 2 cents.. peace
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