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    hey guys. What is the news with the bomber? the AT-ST? What happened? I thought that stuff would come out before AOTC figures...

    Anyway, I have some stuff on ebay (user id: runoboto) that I am just trying to get even on. If there is something there you guys need I will unlist it if you want to make a trade (as long as the item has not been bid on yet).

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    What's up everyone?

    I checked out your auctions Jeff. Looks like you'll break even on all that stuff just with the y-wing. I wouldn't mind having a third but I can't ask you to lose $30+. Good luck on all your auctions.

    News of the nonexistant - I went to the Super WM on 441, K-Mart at 436 & Piedmont/Wekiva and TRU in Alt. Springs. Nothing new at all. I did almost buy the Tessk at the TRU but I already have one. Anyway, I struck out this evening on my break.

    You know, if I were a true Sith, I could just "force" someone to give me theirs. But alas, it is just a game.
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    Hey Charles, the 25th figs are $16 at Target and $17 at TRU. I saw them today by the Fashion Square Mall.

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    Thanks Jeff!
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    Hi guys,

    Well I have been to many a Target and Walmart this week and have not seen a single new figure. This would have really been a good time to pick them up to since Target has the figures on sale for $4.99. Oh well.

    Charles, I was rummaging around my collectables room the other day and noticed those Fan Club figures I never got to you. If you still want them let me know. Maybe I could meet you at FX if you are going on Sunday. I forgot all about the race, I went the past three years, but cant afford it this year. A hundred plus is out of my range right now. Let me know

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    I completely forgot about those figures. I do plan on attending that Sunday and would gladly meet up so I can get them from you. We'll figure out a meeting time next week for Sunday.

    And speaking of finding nothing, that's what I've done at every WM, TRU or K-Mart I've been to in the past week. I haven't been to many Targets b/c I think their prices are getting way to high. What are they going to charge for the new AOTC figs, $10 each?

    Anyway, good luck all!
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    I know this is late but I wanted to let you in on what I found.

    It was around 1am Friday. The WM at 434/436 had one case of the 25th Anniv. at $14.97 each. There was 4 Obi/Vaders and 1 each of Luke/Leia & Han/Chewie. I didn't buy any of them b/c I already have plenty of those characters. I thought $15 was kind of steep also.

    Also on Friday(later during normal hours), I received my package from I received Koth, Zutton & FX-7. The packages were in excellent condition until I opened them. FX-7 is huge compared to the vintage one. And all the arms have a working joint. I was very pleased with my order.

    Anyway, hope to see some of you at the shows coming up in the next 2 weeks.
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    Hi! It's me again. 3 posts in a row. Someone's going to think I'm padding my count.

    Anyway, I broke down today and bought Amanaman at Target by Fashion Square. I also picked up Obi-Won Jedi Training for $4.99 and Qui-Gon Mos Espa for $1.54. It was on clearance. The only one I saw. So I think the 2 on sale make up for the overpriced A-Man.:happy:
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    Yeah,the A-Mans are over priced

    Nothing new here..waiting for everything to arrive,I plan on going to Wally World either tomorrow or sometime this week and
    I'll tell you what I find
    Treat your stepmother with respect Pantera, or you'll be sleeping in the streets!!

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    Okay.I'm gonna be like Sidiously and pad my posts,.

    I found Tessek,Tatooine Stormie,Lando(Bespin),Vader(Dagobah),
    Leia(General),Gungan Warrior and the Ben/Vader Anni pack.Seems the Summerfield WM decided to stock finally
    Treat your stepmother with respect Pantera, or you'll be sleeping in the streets!!


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