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    And then there were three...

    It's like reverse Agatha Christie!
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    What's happened to us guys? There's no activity here. Does that mean no one is buying SW in the area now?
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    I have not bought anything lately, what is there to get? Really ?I am not that excited at all about anything other that the new imperial ships.

    I am on a Transformers kick during this lull in SW stuff. I got some new transformers and even ordered a Starscream reissue off ebay...

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    I hate to seem so trivial on this day with a post about toys, but...

    I went to TRU at Altimonte today hoping that maybe the Tie Interceptor would be there. I guess I thought maybe it would help me feel better. Anyway, it was not there, but there are 2 Han Stormtrooper disguise and 1 Trooper there as of approximately 5:15.

    If any of you lost anyone today I just want to say that I am sorry and my heart is with you.

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    I haven't had any luck w/ the Interceptor either. Hopefully, they will be as plentiful in the future as the B-wing seems to be now.

    I would also like to send out my thoughts and prayers to those affected by this tragedy.
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    Hey guys,

    It looks like it is just the three of us for now. I would like to follow you're lead in extending my thoughts and wishes to everyone who may have been affected by this. The whole last 24 hours has been a blur, it really puts things in perspective. I agree with runabout that i feel silly posting toy reports, but I agree that it feels good doing things you normally do. On that note, the Shmi and Obi Wan wave has arrived at Target. LEt me know if you guys need them and I will keep my eyes open over the weekend. Take care.

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    Nothing New

    Haven't seen much new stuff out there. I did see a Saesee Tin at the Forest City WM. Not that I need him or anything. Hopefully things will pick up soon.

    BTW, you can order the Tie Interceptor from TRU website through Amazon.
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    Exclamation Hey

    Charles, call me immediately if not sooner!!!

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    Sorry! Didn't get your message until 2:37am Sat. Will call you at a reasonable hour later on today.

    I did come across a case of the newest wave at Forest City WM. There are 3 Shmi's & 3 Obi's, 2 each of the Duros, Ketwol, & Bespin Guard. That's about it. Later guys!
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    I found Luke X-wing and the new Han solo tonight on target on 1792. I hid them, email me for the location.


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