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    Hey Guys,

    In case you two dont already have them, there were about 20 Tie Interceptors at the TRU in Sanford. Its a bit of a drive but its right off the interstate. Talk to you later.

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    What's up Alan?

    Jeff already has his, but I'm still on the hunt. Maybe I'll take an early trip to Sanford tomorrow.

    He also just bought a new tv...54" I think. Says we'll have our first meeting at his house when EP1 hits on DVD. Sounds good to me.

    BTW, I'm still after an Emperor's Wrath Vader.

    Thanks for the info!
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    Talking Intercepted a Tie

    Hey guys!

    I hooked up w/ the ever elusive Tie Interceptor yesterday. I took Alan's advice and headed up to Sanford. They had about 10 more when I arrived. Nothing much else except the new Han & Imperial 12".

    I like the look, but I have to say it is not quite enough for $30. The head on the pilot is very loose, also. Anyway it will go well w/ the collection.

    As far as the Tie Bomber, AT-ST & Snowspeeder, they will not come out until early next year.

    BTW, if anyone has an extra Tie Fighter (POTF2) laying around or knows someone who has one to get rid of, let me know.

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    I found the new wave today at Wal-mart on 436. I stashed a set, shoot me an email. Charles, you know where they are (same spot as the Bespin guard in Target), but this walmart has 2 options, versus the one in target...(Hint, go to the one on the left)

    See, now isn't that going to be fun to find? If you can...MUUUUAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA (that is my evil laugh!)

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    Talking You The Man!

    Thanks Jeff!

    I'll be heading there tonight.

    BTW, does anyone have an extra Tie Fighter sitting around. I need a second for display purposes. Loose is fine. Thanks!
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    I just got a loose one from ebay for around $30. I think that is your best bet.

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    Talking Woo Hoo!


    I found the figs. There were none left on the pegs. I left the Luke b/c I don't need him. The Vader looks great & the Han is okay.

    If anyone needs a Luke, it's still in its hiding spot.
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    I found 2 Obi-Wans in Jedi training gear today at Target. Let me know and I will tell you where. I didn't even know these guys were out, or even being made.

    Alos, I saw the 12" Luke/speeder bike. Looked good

    B-wings are on clearance for 27.90 and still warming pegs.

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    What's up guys?

    Everyone get their copy of Ep. 1. What I've watched so far is pretty great.

    As far as toys go, nothing new. I still haven't seen the palm talkers.

    On another front, if anyone comes across the TRU's exclusive Simpsons Halloween Playset, email or call me. Thanks!
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    Lightbulb Ocala TRU

    Hi,I'm sorta new to this forum but have read it for awhile(Makes no sense,I know,).Anyways..I live in Ocala and the TRU by us is
    putting all their SW stuff on clearance.I got a big 12'' figure for 3 bucks...Is Orlando doing this too? -SW RP
    -Impressive,Most Impressive,but you are not a Jedi yet-


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