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    Hey, glad to hear from you. Welcome. That is good news. Has anyone else seen this? Maybe I will swing by Altimonte TRU tonight...

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    Hey everyone,

    Finally have something to report. I saw the new deluxe figures today at the EB in the Fashion Square mall. They had the Luke with Bacta Tank and the Shirtless Maul. Both looked darn good I must say but, and a rather large but for my wallet, were 14.99 each. I held off for a cheaper price but if you guys want them, they are there. Havent seen any B-Wings since they went down to $20, guess they got bought up. Seems like this last wave of figures with Xwing Luke and Vader is one of the easiest to find, I have seen them in large amounts at Target. Thats all for now

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    Happy Halloween All

    Hey Guys!

    Not much new here. Glad to see a new addition to the group.
    Shop Smart! Shop S-Mart!

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    No new sales?Maybe Ocala is just acting stupid as usual,they like to put things on clearance if there on the shelf for more than 2 days.

    No sightings of the new figures here I hope we get them soon though -SW RP
    -Impressive,Most Impressive,but you are not a Jedi yet-

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    Hey guys, it is slow as hell, no? I am just wondering...

    What are the latest release dates for:

    1) AT-ST/speeder bike
    2) Tie Bomber
    3) Snow Speeder
    4) New line of He-man figures
    5) Scourge (from the new Transformers - he is a black optimus prime and looks killer!)

    I hope the bomber is coming out before 2002!

    Anyone know? Are there any good toy collecting web pages out there for this info? I havfen't found any (for non SW toys that is)

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    What's up Jeff?

    Most of that stuff, at least the SW stuff, is not slated until early next year. It's unfortunate that there will be no new Star Wars items to put under the Christmas tree.

    Anyway, I can't help you on the others. Check w/ Toy Fare mag or their website. Maybe that will help.

    I still haven't seen any of the palm talkers. Not that I was going to buy them anyway.

    BTW, has anyone picked up the new deluxe figs yet? Just curious.

    Shop Smart! Shop S-Mart!

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    No new deluxe figures here I'm kinda mad at that too because I wanted to see the Luke in Bacta,I think it will be nice to finally have a little Bacta scene((Okay..Maybe I'm just weird?)) -SW RP
    -Impressive,Most Impressive,but you are not a Jedi yet-

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    Oh No! Not another weirdo... just what we need around here.

    Heck, my girlfriend thinks it's weird to collect all this stuff but she deals with it.
    Shop Smart! Shop S-Mart!

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