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    ..Yeah I suppose so

    Your looking for a non-starwars page for whatever your looking for?..try I dont know how much It'll help you though -SW RP
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    What's up guys!

    I picked up a B-Wing for $9.97 at the Cassleberry Target today. Figured it was worth it.

    I also bought an Ep. I Armored Scout Transport at Alt. Springs TRU for $1.97.

    They actually had several Interceptors on the shelf and 1 Luke Bacta Tank.

    Thats all for now!
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    I went there and did not see any B-wings, where there any left? The one by my house on 1792, right?

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    There were 3 left on an endcap facing the back wall where the games are. I picked up one and a lady got one for her husband. It was the one on 17/92. I'm not sure how long they had been there. Good luck!
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    yeah, well I guess I missed it because I checked again. Oh well.

    KB at Oveido mall has some peg warmers for 2.99 (Leia General, Chop Suey Darth Mall, R2, and Tatooine Quigon)

    I am off to Ft. Lauderdale today. It is always fun going there because they have a better supply of stuff than we do here. OK, take it easy guys.

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    Hey everyone,

    Been a while since I had a chance to post. First off, Charles, great deal on the B-Wing. Ive been looking but they went fast after that second markdown. Remember all the trouble we went through to get that doggon thing.
    Also, check KMarts for the deluxe figures. I have seen them there a few times. Hopefully the next wave will be out soon, give us something to shoot for.

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    Hey Alan!

    Nice to see we're all still here from time to time. I guess I got lucky on the B-Wing.

    I currently have the Luke & Maul deluxe figs. Looking for the other 2, though.

    I did pick up a Vader Palm Talker. He made the trip to NC during Thanksgiving. We stopped at South of the Border on the NC/SC line and bought him a mini sombrero. It fit perfectly. He is now known as Senor Vader. Beware his Mexican Darkside!
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    LOL..Senor Vader?

    Anyways,Not much happening here in Ocala

    Did anyone see the new 25th Anniversary items they are going to put out?If not,check out

    They could have did a better job on the Luke and Leia set though...oh well. -SW RP
    -Impressive,Most Impressive,but you are not a Jedi yet-

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    Hey Guys!

    Has anyone seen any of the latest wave out? I haven't been out and about lately.

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