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    Talking Orlando Collectors Club

    I'm starting this group in honor of Runobot. He started our club and he deserves the credit!
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    We now have a "Collector's Club" forum.
    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    Talking But we do more than trade.

    Thanks SirSteve! The collectors club section says "Trades Only". I've actually bought items from my fellow Orlando Collectors. It just seemed this would be the right place for us to meet.

    Only if the rest show up!!! Hey guys, where are you at?
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    Hey, did you argue with the boss? You are crazy!

    Anyway, it is just you and me, AGAIN!

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    Talking I guess it was inevitable

    There can be only 2...
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    Damn, this thread has been viewed 83 times, even though there are only 5 posts! Who the hell is viewing it? I thought we were the only two left...Interesting.

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    Wink Slackers!

    Well, I spoke to braki-wan the other day and he said he just hasn't reregistered yet. I don't know about anyone else.

    You know what's going to happen. As soon as the hype for the other 2 exclusives starts up, they'll return.

    We must stand firm and keep the club going!
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    Post Tie Interceptor News

    I spoke w/ customer service at the Alt. Springs TRU yesterday. I gave her the SKN#. She said they were on order but no stores had them in yet. She said they may be in later this week. That's the good news.

    Unfortunately, they only ordered a little over 1,000 units, approx. 6 per case(?) She couldn't tell me if this was just for the Central FL area or all of FL.

    Anyway, looks like we may have to keep our eyes open on this one. I know B-Wings can be found w/ ease, but I'm not so sure about the Interceptor. Good luck all!
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    TRU again

    Well, I called that same TRU on Friday and they said that there are about 1500 ordered for the Georgia/Florida area. So if we get 750 each state, how many is that per TRU? How many TRU are there around here?

    Also, what is going on with the Bomber? It is almost September.

    I just don't think Hasbro will release them both at the same time, since production has been so slow they may want to space it out...

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    Hey guys,

    Well I finally registered, and all is well. I have gotten a new position at work that has more hours. The good news is that I will be driving around town all day, so I can make a few detours here and there to check for exclusives.

    I did want to let you guys know that the palm talkers have made an appearance in our area. My lovely wife picked up a set for me on Friday. So if you are interested (and not to many people seem to be) start looking, cause they are here. I heard really soon on the Tie Interceptor, not sure about the Walmart ones. Take care


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