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    I actually knew that the Bantha's were elephants. Just one of those things.
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    I didn't know that most of the matte paintings in the OT were matte paintings until I was much older.

    Slave-1 on Cloud City, The Ewok Village, The DS II landing bay (including all the Stormtroopers), The Rebel landing bay in ROJ, even Vader landing on Endor. All matte paintings.
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    I'm suprised no one has said it yet but here it goes:

    "Now you know and knowing is half the battle."

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    Good thing we have CG these days. There is no way in hell the animal rights activists would let elephants be dressed up anymore.

    But, nobody would complain about the midgets ...
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    I'd compain about midgets. Midgets are like hobbits, and where would we be if Frodo hadn't destroyed the ring, eh?
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    Did you also know that the elephant's name was Mardji? Up until her death a several years ago she had been a ward of the Marine World Foundation, and lived at a park called Marine World which is located in my hometown (the park was located in Redwood City, CA during the original filming, but was later moved here along with Mardji). Marine World even had the original Bantha costume in it's posession, though they never bothered to put it on display or even take care of it. It used to sit out in the open air behind a fence just off Marine World Parkway until it either fell apart or was finally discarded. It was truly sad watching it sit there and rot. I really wish I had thought to do something about it while it was still there.

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    Mardji The Elephant was famous before Star Wars even. She was also I believe the Skippy Peanut Butter spokesman back in the 60's and 70's. They also used her walk motions, when designing the AT-AT's for Empire Strikes Back. So she has connections with the first 2 Star Wars films.

    Empire's Elephant

    This picture should bring back memories for you Roojay, I dug it up browsing around trying to confirm which peanut butter company it was that had Mardji as a spokesman.

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    Cool! Thanks JJB! That would've been the costume on display when the park was located in Redwood City. Sadly, they never put it on public display when the park moved here.

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    Yea I never really knew it until now either. I never did give it real thought. That is the magic of SW. Watching the movie and never trying to figure things out.
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    It took me years to realise that the 'apes' in 2001 weren't....
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