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    Do you know.....

    ....that the Bantha in ANH is actually an ELEPHANTS

    Apparently, a Bantha costume was prepared and the elephant was made to wear that. Obviously the animal was not too thrill about the new costume and the shooting was delayed quite a bit.

    This piece of info was obtained from the book Starwars Chronicles that I was flipping in a bookshop this afternoon. Cool!!

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    Do you know...

    ....the Ewoks were all MIDGETS??

    Short people dressed up in costumes in Return of the Jedi. Rirchard Marquand couldn't wrangle them like Master George could so it delayed filming for awhile.
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    Ummmm, what did you think the Banthas were under that costume? Rabbits? Chipmunks?
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    Elephants? Wow, I always assumed it was the same CTW workers who brought Snuffaluf***us (sp?) to life . . .

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    Don't be so hard on humsup. There were a few things that took me a long time to realize, about the movies. He might've thought they were robotic, or something, like the dewback were supposed to be.
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    Thanks BCJ for coming to my defence. I have never thought an elephant will be used for shooting the Bantha and BCJ was right, I tot they used roboting or even a modified truck for that. Or Computer graphics ...... but silly me, with the kind of technology back in 1977, its quite unlikely to make the Bantha so life like and with natural movements as we saw in the film.

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    Do you know.....

    .....I do now!

    I never really though about it until now,you learn something everyday
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    There's always something new to find out about the Star Wars universe.....EpI has generated new interest for a whole generation never exposed the OT before now. Instead of criticizing, how about applauding their thirst for knowledge for things SW like you now possess?

    *Sheesh, people!*

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    AMEN!TeeEye7,Everyone learns something new everyday, if not what would all this be for?

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