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    I've also caught the Vintage Collecting Bug as well. I pick them up from time to time since the Vintage line is done. SO its not really going anywhere -just around. I figure I have about half so far.
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    I am working on getting the playsets for the vintage line. All my vintage are open, sothis way I can set up some displays when I get the room. Ineed abut 5 more playsets and a few vehicles. I dont know if I want to get a Jabba playset or the Ewok Village first. I know Iwant the vintage skiff, but thats alot of money.
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    I am going to slow down now I just wanted to get a good start, I am thinking about going after the death star playset next. I don't even remember ever seeing one of these when I was little. The bad thing with me is if I want something I WILL have it. I don't care if I go completely broke doing it either. I saw the skiff on ebay some guy has a mint 100% complete one with the box, I don't even think the decals have been put on it, a little out of my price range right this second (since I spent like 300 some odd dollars this week on toys). I am definitely going to spend the extra money on complete stuff from now on.

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    I never had the chance to collect Vintage because I was born the same wonderful as Empire came out. I remember being able to go to my cousins house and play with their figures and even borrow some. My favorite had to be the Ewok village and the Hoth playsets. The stingy relatives still have them in boxes in there basement. I just wanna take them off their hands!!!

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    The vintage virus is a hard to shake. I must of picked it up as kid, but it was dormant until '94. I've got all the figures, all complete with original accessories (but a few have the wrong the color in my opinion). A few playsets and the tripod cannon will complete my collection.

    So a big welcome to the new folks
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    Since I am, by nature, a patient person, I decided early on to be a "wait-and-see" collector. I never (okay, sometimes) jumped at the first time I saw an item, unless it was a great deal, hard-to-find, or just unusual. And I was a pre-Internet collector, too, when I completed my figure set. So have fun while you search! It makes the down times when you can't seem to find anything you like that much easier to take.
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