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    I am just getting started

    I just got the bug a week ago and look what happened!

    TotalsEnd Price Items I've Won $378.73
    Unbelievable. It started out with wanting my fav. childhood toy (ewok village) And pretty soon escalated. So far I have around 30 loose figures, the ewok village, an at st (minus hatch which is on the way) 2 speeder bikes 1 with a box and biker scout, a radar laser cannon w/ the box, little catolog and instructions and the decal sheet, ewok catapult to go with the village, and I still have alot of items on the way, darth vader tie, millenium falcon X2, x wing X3, at at, landspeeder, several mini rigs, and who knows what else. Oh yeah I won a lot of 48 figures in a vader case that looked like at least half of were complete. The lady said the compartment has a bunch of accessories and weapons also. I also forgot to mention a rancor with esb box, and a potf leia on card for 30!(the card is a little beat up but unpunched). Also I lost my luke skywalker stormtrooper somewhere close to 1986 if anybody finds it I really need it!
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