I've had my XM for a few months now, but have recently been on a Cinemagic kick (XM channel 27).

I'll turn on the truck and they'll be in the middle of some soundtrack set that I can almost remember. It's like playing "Name That Tune" with myself.

But I got to thinking about my favorite themes and soundtracks. Those tracks that evoke good feelings or great memories. The finale of Close Encounters always does it for me. It's a great sweeping beautiful piece that stands on it's own as a remarkable composition without the film behind it. Some others I've heard recently that are nearly as memorable are the theme from Superman, the love theme from Attack of the Clones, and the final credit music from Ocean's Eleven. There are so many great cuts from so many movies that it's hard to remember them all. Even if the films aren't so great, somehow the soundtracks remain timeless and inspirational.