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    Jundland Wastes Diorama

    Problems in the news section have kept me from posting the Jundland Wastes diorama on the home page. If you've got questions/comments, feel free to ask...
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    Very cool AC!
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    nice dioramas and nice series of photos - you have captured the lok of the desert really well ac. all we need now is for hasbro to extract its digit and release that sandcrawler just so you can finish the sequence off!

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    Very nice AC. The Sandcrawler would be a perfect additon to that diorama. I like even that you got R2's tracks in the sand when he moved up.
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    Thanks all for the compliments!

    Yeah, I've been waiting as well for the Sandcrawler to show up!

    Minor details like the tracks for both R2 and the Jawas make it more believable. Funny that not many viewers even realize that.
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