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    Lightbulb Original Trilogy Collection Logo!!

    This image turned up over at Scum, and appears to be the promotional logo for the upcoming 'OTC' toy line. Looks pretty cool, and very classic looking. Hopefully we'll get a full reveal of the series at Toy Fair.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks
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    Very cool Logo. Very reminiscent of the OTcards.
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    Sweet...Looks pretty good.

    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    Pretty damn cool.

    So is this only a short line of figures? Only a few waves? Or will this be the line that carries the Old Trilogy figures from now till Episode III and the SAGA line handles the prequel trilogy?

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    I really like the logo. It would be really cool to have the figures on cards reminiscent of the vintage carded figures.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkness Shroud
    I really like the logo. It would be really cool to have the figures on cards reminiscent of the vintage carded figures.
    I believe that's the logo that will be used with the upcoming OT release of figures. Very cool indeed!
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    They should print the figure names on name plates that look like the vintage cards, too. Larger, vintage-style pictures on the packages would also be neat, but the figures come in such dynamic poses and with so many accessories that I don't think that's possible.

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    That logo is kickin'. Looks like the old stuff, but a little updated. Will these be on the actual cards, in place of a regular Star Wars title like on the Saga figures? Or maybe just a promotion thing? Because on the Falcon pic, it just said Star Wars. I hope this is the main name on the card.
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    That logo is very reminiscent of the olden times when one could go out and buy their very own Yoda underoos..
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    "I picked a bad year to quit buying Star Wars figures."

    Actually, how can I quit collecting when this new stuff looks so darn cool?

    Vintage-style packaging?
    Soft Goods cloaks and capes?
    Neutral poses with lots of articulation?

    It's like Hasbro tapped directly into my brain and pulled out all of the ideas that I have been wishing for since 1995!!

    Maybe I should say, "I picked a GREAT year to start collecting Star Wars figures all-over again!!!"
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