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    Celebration Passes

    I found my collection of these going through some random Star Wars things I've collected over the years. I have the complete set the Fan Club offered some years back as well as the 6 suplemental offered with various exclusives. To recap the many versions...

    FRIDAY Obi-Wan Kenobi
    SATURDAY Qui-Gon Jinn
    SUNDAY Anakin Skywalker
    THREE DAY Darth Maul
    BACKSTAGE Pit Droid
    ALL ACCESS Sebulba
    VIP GUEST Queen Amidala
    EXHIBITORS Jar Jar Binks
    VOLUNTEER Battle Droid

    - Star Wars Fan Club -
    IMPERIAL Fan Club #1 Mara Jade
    REBEL Fan Club #2 Jek Porkins
    BOUNTY HUNTER Fan Club #3 Aura Sing
    TATOOINE Fan Club #4 Wuher the Bartender
    IMPERIAL Fan Club #5 Darth Vader
    JEDI COUNCIL Fan Club #6 Mace Windu

    - Alternate Passes -
    EXHIBITORS Jar Jar Binks signed by Ahmed Best
    THREE DAY Darth Maul signed by Ray Park
    STAFF C-3PO signed by Anthony Daniels

    Since there is not going to be anymore, I think they're kind of a neat collectible. Anybody else get these?
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    Sorry I didn't. I kept thinking I was going to get them, but never did. You should put them in a nice frame and hang them up
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    I got an associate badge from C2, plus the 3 day pass. I was one of the guys in armor at C2 doing badge check. I thought about buying the set, but spent so much on other stuff there I had to take a pass (as in didn't buy).
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    I've thought about putting them into some kind of frame -havnt looked too much though.

    There was actually going to be a Boba Fett pass offered through the Fan Club w/ the 300th Boba Fett figure but Fantasitc Media sold the company before they could formally offer it. Wduld have been cool to have that one.
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    I think it would be cool to have a complete set, but I'm not willing to pay what most people (that being mainly the FanClub) are asking for them. I'm happy with the ones I have, which I was able to get autographed at C1.

    I think I have all of them from C2, not sure tho. Does anyone know how many there were?
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    I'm not sure how many C2 passes there are. I've only seen pictures of a few.
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    I collected some of these and thought they were rather interesting too. I didn't get the C2 one's but perhaps will get a chance to get the C3 ones in Ind. next time.

    I have a little info on the Fan Club passes here...

    The were going to have a Dark Trooper pass with the Jek Porkins figure but it was never released.
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    I have all of the C2. Off the top of my head.
    Anakin Three Day
    Uhh, let me check on these and report back later.
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