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    the 6th day coming true?

    i heard this morning that in south koriea(sp?) they have cloned the first human embryo for medical research. waht do you guys think about this?
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    curse it, i say!!!! It's just more hands that'll find toys before i do! Unless of course, i can manipulate them to do my bidding and find toys for me!! No more hunting like crazy for that damned Abomination or that soon to be Phoenix; on my minions!!
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    I think:

    1. It's spelled South Korea. LOL

    2. Human cloning is inevitable.

    3. Human cloning is good.

    4. This story is as bogus as the half a dozen other stories that someone has successfully cloned a human in the last year.

    5. This thread, treads close to the political/religious, unless of course it is viewed from the aspect of the "Clone Wars".
    May the force be with you.

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    When I read this thread all I could picture was that birthday cake scene from The 6th Day. "Eating my birthday cake!"
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    I need a clone for my yardwork. Actually, I could use a clone of someone a little less lazy than me.
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    Clones would be cool todo our bidding. CLean my baseboards, wash my dishes, walk my cloned Dog. Clones, how did we ever live with out them?
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    walk my cloned Dog.

    Actually, when I first read the title, I thought someone had announced that they were going to start selling cloned pets! Repet anyone?

    Just imagine Spot....8! LOL

    My favorite Clone issue was in South Park "If I put a bunch of Stem cells next to Shakey's Pizza, could I get my own Shakey's Pizza?"

    Imagine, cloning your favorite resteraunt!!! We could bring back Godfather's Pizza!!!

    And there was much rejoicing...yeah!
    May the force be with you.

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    i am not trying to cast any political/religious beliefs out there, just the fact that clones can help us and be like in the 6th day (repets not humans). just clone us for chores or something! yay!
    Sampsonite! i was way off!


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