Darth Vader is without a doubt the best movie villain ever, there have been so many figures of him but not one definitive one. Please Hasbro, give us a definitive Darth Vader.

You came closest with Darth Vader: Bespin Duel. I love the sculpt, but sadly, it has an action feature and a cape that's blowing in the wind. I personally would love a neutrally posed Darth Vader. If Hasbro made a perfect Darth Vader, if they put the kind of craftsmanship into making a Darth Vader that we know they can, it would be the best figure ever and would sell like hotcakes.

The Bespin Duel one rocks but the Throne Room Duel one was a step back in my opinion. Seeing as he's a main character, surely we'll get one soon? I just hope it's the definitive version.