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    Well, I suppose if your going to debunk the clone theory then the Sidious was a Jedi theory has to be debunked as well. Basically there would be no way Sidious could keep a schedule of a politician AND be a Jedi as well, as well as plotting to take over the galaxy. Too much for one man, even the Sith Lord himself. Two of the three yes, but not formerly being a Jedi.

    So I'll bring up another old argument then...

    Sidious and Palpatine are NOT the same person....ha ha, I wanna see the argumnet that spring from this one again...

    Okay here's at least a theory as to why the Jedi cannot feel the presence of Sidious.

    Just as Yoda used Dagobah and more specifically the darkside cave to mask his Light side presence, Sidious did the same. What I mean is that, as he grew stronger in the darkside, the only way to mask his darkside presence was to be around enough lightside presence that would in effect cancel it out. Only as things started to unfold were the Jedi finally able to even realize the darkside was around them. Once we see in EPIII the clones turning on the Jedi and slaughtering them, Sidious will not have the "protective bubble of Lightside energy that has been masking him, to hide behind and finally he will be revealed for his true self. This is why Mace confronts Palpatine/Sidious and consequently is destroyed (whether or not to keep the secret a little longer isn't even relevent at this point because Sidious has finally acheived his goal of becoming Emperor.

    Okay what do you guys think of that....
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    I agree, sifo-dyas is palpatine is sidious, no clones, no need.
    Sal- one Sifo dyas "died" he had all the time he'd need, and with the fact that he has powerful mind tricks (and this is a little thin, sorry, I doubt even GL had this all worked out while making TPM either, though ) and could use them on as many people as it took; we don't really know much of Palpy's political story from the films at least; maybe he just came from "nowhere"

    And I am still sure that Mace is sith (how's THAT for a classic), and that Dooku is Anakin's father, totally positive on that still, so I still imagine that somehow Dooku's death will help drive Anakin over the edge, also helping steel his resolve to adopt the "vader" persona and eventually bring balance to the force....

    I don't know, does this mean I agree???
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    So... are "Emperor" Palpatine and "Senator/Chancellor" Palpatine not Darth Sidious?

    Was just wondering because (yes, I know much has changed from the original book for ANH) the prologue in the novelisation of ANH calls the emperor "Palpatine."
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    I think Sidious was only Sifo-dyas on kamino. Obi wan said he believed Sifo-dyas died before the clone army was commisioned. After the real jedi master Sifo-dyas is killed, probably by sidious or maul, Sidious goes to kamino posing as the dead jedi and orders the army. If anyone is mind-tricked, its the kaminoans - into beliving sidious' story.

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    Re: darth sidious was a jedi once

    Quote Originally Posted by r3pohh yeah
    my speculation is as follows.

    darth sidious used to be a jedi named sifa-dyas (or the earlier sido-dyas) in fact he was the head of the jedi council untill he presumably died about 10 years before AOTC. sifa-dyas was of course one of darth sidiouses many alter egos. this explains who deleted the kamino sysyet from the jedi archives. (yoda>"only a jedi could have ereased those" it also explains who crreated the army and why. darth sidious/senator palpatine-supreme chamsalor plapatine/sifa-dyas must have been a busy man.

    i hope ep. 3 flashes back and shows what palps looked like when he was the head of the jedi order. i presume he looked super old like in ROTJ , after all he can make himself look younger than he really is (hence how the jedi didnt know that sifa-dyas and palps was the same dude).

    Okay first af all... don't you guy's know anything about Star Wars history? Here is "CORRECT" history about palpitine...

    Imperius (The Sith leader at the time) found and apprenticed a boy named Dantius Palpatine. Imperius dubbed him Darth Sidious. Imperius had several kyber crystals and eventually gave one to Palpatine. The kyber crystals were formed by Rodar Wizards of Perdonis and scattered throughout the galaxy, about 100,00 years before the Phantom Menace. Unbeknownst to Imperius, Palpatine found a far more powerful kyber crystal than anything Imperius had. palpatine found it on a planet Moovis. this crystal made Palpatine too powerful for his master to control. On the planet Skaggis, Palpatine confronted Imperius, sliced off Imperius's arms, and sliced him in half from head to hip.than finished Imperius off with a force-tornado.

    Okay, I had to tell you that part now is the actual part where i have the right answer... well that pert up there was too! it's prooving that Palpatine never was in the Jedi Order. okay, here's the rest...

    After the death of Darth Maul, Palpatine immediately sought out three potential apprentices; Sifo Dyas, Detori (Darth Rage), a cyborg Toban from Yetis and Dakkus Vitrich’s Jedi student, Count Jard Dooku of Serreno (Darth Tyranus). Detori grew up as a youth on Sevara, just past Iridonia and was there found by Palpatine for training. Palpatine first approached Sifo Dyas. Palpatine had asked Sifo Dyas to become a Sith, since the Kaminoans were expecting his visit. Sifo Dyas refused and Palpatine slew him by a Force fireball and Force earthquake. Palpatine then approached Detori and Count Dooku, who each accepted the possibility of apprenticeship. The two were to duel for the position of apprentice. Before the duel could be set up, Plo Koon fought Darth Rage in a fierce light-saber duel, eventually destroying Darth Rage by a Force avalanche. Before dying, Darth Rage denied being a Sith and claimed to act alone. Count Dooku became Darth Tyranus, Palpatine’s apprentice, in less than a year after the events of The Phantom Menace. One of his first missions was to order a clone army as Sifo Dyas, who was on his way to Kamino. (Sifo Dyas was an Ogdarian born on the asteroid world of Esiken, and discovered by the Jedi when he moved to Allistare.) Count Dooku had Billigo Hilgobottomager (a Jedi master of disguise and possibly a changeling) pretend to be Sifo Dyas and order an army cloned from the bounty hunter, Jango Fett. Jango Fett had proven himself as the best bounty hunter throughout the Galaxy by always beating the formidable cyborg Montross to a mark.

    Whatta ya think about dat?
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    Sad that we never ever found out the truth...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    Sad that we never ever found out the truth...
    What truth? We found out that Palpatine and Sidious were the same person - it's kind of funny to see the theories now when it seems so obvious in retrospect. Sidious was never a Jedi; he was trained to use the Force by Darth Plagueis. The Sifo-Dyas mystery is being addressed in some way in the upcoming The Clone Wars bonus content, so hopefully that will finally shine some (official) light on the subject.
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    I see you have been clouded by the dark side of the Force. Lies! All he spreads are lies, that Palpatine guy!

    I was part of the the camp that thought Sifo-Dyas would be clarified in ROTS, but I knew Sidious was Palpy all along.
    I predict that the upcoming Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi film will include the word "and." Multiple times.

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