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    Action Collection Garindan

    With all the b**th'n and moanin' over the 12" line we've been hearing (hey I'm a big guilty one here), it was nice to pick up a figure that stands up to some of the better ones in the series....

    Garindan, the cloaked Kubaz Spy who helps the stormtroopers track down the Old Jedi and his young charge to the Mos Eisley docking bay in Episode IV is a nicely detailed, well done figure.

    Dressed totally in black, Garindan features a hooded cape that is made of a basic black materail that is slightly starched up to give it body. The one on my figure had a few splotches on it where the starch got a little carried away, but it didn't detract too much from the look of the cape. Use care when removing the figure from the box....the cape is stitched into the cardback so it displays "open". This looks a little odd in the package, but it shows off the entire uniform better than it would if the cape were closed over the figure. The hood can be pulled down effectively around his head, although it would have been more effective if it had been cut slightly larger than it is. Again, because of the wire around his neck in the packing, the hood looks really lame until it's freed from the box. I wish Hasbro would have seen fit to include the pleats and elastic in the lower robe part that work so well on the jedi robes(circa EpOne)...they hang much better and less billowy as this one does.
    His uniform is imperial in cut and fit, featuring molded black gloves that have been detailed with "wear" marks (scratches) to make them looked a little weathered. He has a basic black belt with a silver buckle that can be positioned lower on his waist for a better look once he's out of the box. He can hold the transmitter accessory in either hand with a little effort...thanks to the clip, it stays in place once positioned.
    His boots are a throwback to the standard ones this line has featured from the beginning...but slightly shiny like the new ones featured on the recent Imp releases.
    The head sculpt is excellent and very nicely detailed. I never realized Garindan's entire head was cover in a sack buckled in the back before! Makes him even more mysterious! His goggles are molded in place and effectively painted. His snoot has light silver highlights and is punched up with holes adding greater detail.
    I don't strip these guys, so I'm not real sure what body Hasbro is using these days, but judging from all the "breakpoints" in the arms and legs, it's the same standard body they've been using for a while.

    This is one of those figures that looks even better freed from the box in posed under some severe lighting conditions. I couldn't resist opening him once I got him home, and like so many other figures in this collection, he shines out of the box. He's a great addition to the Action Collection. Here's hoping Hasbro gives us some more unique characters in this larger scale...

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    Super! I'm sold!

    Saw him the other day and had to pass at the time, and now I'm even more anxious to snag this one.

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    Wishing he was at SDCC. *sigh*
    I bought this one, but my remains boxed. It is the best in the lame Jawa/Obi-Wan wave.
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    Welly, welly, welly... at last I picked this one up and he's really great. Much better out of the box agreed! He's probably the only 12" figure that I'll be getting out of these more recent figures, and I'm really happy that I did.

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    I saw this wave the other day and I've got to say I wasn't impressed with any of them, even Garindan. His clothing looked like it was ripped straight from the Imperial Officer. The coloring looked a bit darker but it sure seemed the same.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellboy
    His clothing looked like it was ripped straight from the Imperial Officer.
    Well, yeah... that's exactly what it is... but it's black. That's pretty much the way it goes with this guy though, huh? He's not the most exciting looking character.

    I suppose it's simply nice to get another alien, which we really should be seeing more of I think. It's nice to get a figure that doesn't have a poorly sculpted or painted head, because these 12" figures don't seem to have much else going for them. In most cases it's a miracle if they end up looking anything like the figures that we see previewed (or on the back of the box.) Then also, it's someone new to the 12" line. That's a nice and some what rare thing as well.

    I can safely predict that unless I find and absolutely love the Ewok figures, that Garindan may be the last 12" figure that I buy for a long while. Well... I suppose I might wait and see how this OTC 12" Boba Fett turns out before I stick with that. It'll need to be great to get me to pay the higher price.

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    I'm still hunting high and low for this figure. Everything I've read about it paints it as a great figure to have.

    What accessories does he come with? Only the transmitter?
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    Yeah, only the transmitter.
    It would have been cool if he'd come with a holster and blaster hidden under his cloak... but then again, it's not such a big deal.


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