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    Is anyone disappointed with the Original Trilogy Offerings?

    This is a hard question to ask, but "is anyone disappointed with the Original Trilogy Offerings?"

    My answer would have to be mixed, because I'm confusing the Saga Offerings from the OT with the OT Collection.

    I was really hoping for more Cantina Aliens, some generic Imperial Officers, Rebel Pilots, Jawa Sandcrawler Scene Droids / Mos Eisley Droids / Death Star / Yavin Base Droids, a good Red Leader, some Ewoks, Luke, Leia, Lando from the End of ESB, and good Endor versions of Luke and Leia. Maybe some Cloud City extras, General Veers, some more Echo Base Personnel, etc.

    What was really good for me so far, does not seem to be part of the OT Collection, but the Saga Collection.

    These are figures I was really wanting and asking for:

    Imperial Dignitaries
    General Rieekan
    J'Quille the Whipid
    Rappertune the Shadda Ub
    Tanus Spijek the Elom
    General Dodonna
    Captain Antilles
    General Madine
    Another Ewok (w. glider)
    2 more Star Tours Droids
    Cloud Car Pilot

    These figures I didn't need, but they turned out well enough I either bought them or plan to:

    Luke Hoth
    Hoth Rebel Soldier from the Trenches
    Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight
    Jabba the Hutt
    Bubo the Frog-Dog (with friends)
    Luke Dagobah
    Spirit Ben
    New Yoda
    Dagobah R2D2
    Gold Leader
    Admiral Ozzel
    Darth Vader with Meditation Chamber

    These figures are good, but I just don't have any reason to buy them:

    Lando Skiff Guard
    Luke Jedi hologram
    TIE Pilot
    Leia Bespin
    new ANH Han
    new ANH Luke Tatooine
    new ANH Ben Kenobi

    And I'd suspect the list would continue with Vader, Boba Fett, Stormtroopers, and other OT figures they might plan on resculpting or re-releasing.

    The new packaging looks great, but don't you have to draw the line somewhere? I'm already concerned because I collected the Animated Figures carded, and I'm really NOT a carded collector or a completist by any means.

    Does anyone else feel slightly let down, or like you're waiting for still unanounced OT figures that are on your list but just not showing up as confirmed when you'd hoped they would be?
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    Im let down a little in the lack of Endor figures. I'd love an updated Luke and Leia in Endor Tunics with the Tunics being Soft Goods and with Removable helmets. Also I want a Han with Softgoods Endor Coat.

    As much as I do Like Throne Room Luke, He just wasnt that good. I want an updated DS2 Luke!
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    I'm with you Tycho.

    I have nickname for the upcoming Dagobah Training Luke : The Shrimp (or Prawn if you prefer pink...). Because everything is good except the head.
    The Bespin Leďa looks good but I think the Leďa collection Two-pack one (with soft goods) is better (good news, for once the blaster is big enough).
    The R2 is a rip-off. Rehash with always this wrong arm !!! (the silver dish). An old POTF mold, a touch of spraypaint and : "Magic !!!". I'm the GREAT David Copperfield !!! You will see nothing you fan because you're stupid ! Give me your banknotes and shut your mouth ! Electronic ? Who cares ? Even the cheapest asian toy could do that.

    The Millenium Falcon is a scandal. Everybody was hoping for a new mold, a bigger ship and not this old-fashioned twenty years old toy !!! Everybody got a vintage or a POTF Falcon. The POTF one was on sale everywhere for years...
    A new box ? Light-up engines ? WHAT A DEAL !!! If I saw tho good pics, the wrong color canopy (this ugly dark grey) is still there ! It's incredible, sometimes I wonder if Hasbro speaks the same language than the SW fans...

    The Cloud Car pilot looks reall good, a must have to me. The Yoda is thinner than expected but good overall. He must fit in his bag after all. The Ben Kenobi is the POTJ one with soft goods. I'll keep my POTJ one, thx. The Han Solo ressembles everybody except Harrison Ford. He looks astounded (why not...). The Spirit of Ben Kenobi looks very good even if I had preferred something more translucent. The Lobot is also a great figure to me but I hope the face will be more impassive on the final product but anyway I'll get one.

    The major dispointment is the Tie fighter. One more time with the ridiculous small wings/solar panels. And why making again the old fashioned Vintage/POTF X-wing ? Do Hasbro think we are all so nostalgic to buy this ?
    We already have plenty of X-wings... If Hasbro wants to "rehash", where is the Sandcrawler ???
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    Well I for one am buying the Falcon and X-wing. When these were available during the POTFII days, I never had the chance nor the money to buy the two. Now I do. So, bring these 2 puppies on, Hasbro!
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    I am disappointed too. A new Falcon is in order, but another X-Wing and Tie-Fighter??? They should call this line the Orginal Trilogy Re-Re-Rehash. Maybe someone should take an X-Wing from every year and cram it up every hole on the people from Hasbro that releases it. Then maybe they will be as sick of the X-Wings as we are. WHAT WE REALLY WANT AND BEEN WAITING FOR YEARS IS THE SANDCRAWLER!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really hope someone from Hasbro will be reading the forums during the Toyfair coverage.
    But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some Star Wars figures!!!

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    I think it's perhaps a little too early to be genuinely happy or disappointed with any of it. You never really know until you see it in the store. I'm excited to see how it all turns out, and I'm not surprised by the selection so far. For the most part I'd suppose that the lack of more obscure characters is due to the fact that they're really trying to snag a more mainstream audience with these, along with the DVD release. If this stuff does well, then who knows what might come next... could be anything. Maybe even the ice cream maker guy finally.

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    Not let down at all. In fact, everything looks great to me. Especially the SA Modern/Vintage figures. The Obi-Wan is one quite a few of us have been asking for. And hopefully they'll do a removable limbs C-3PO with a lot of articulation so he can sit also. It's all looking great, and I hope to see more once Steve's coverage of Hasbro's stuff starts. And the Leia: Bespin, finally. I hate the crappy Leia Collection one.

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    I'm pretty excited about most of the new figures, with a couple caveats. First, I'm not totally sold on soft goods on figures at this scale - Luke is passable, but the tunic is just a bit too bulky to look really good, and Obi-wan's cloak is just silly. Overall, I love the SA on the "vintage" figures - there better be a Vader and Stormie coming!

    On the "planet-specific" waves, I'm very pleased with the Bespin wave - Leia looks great (no soft goods! Yay!), Lobot is fantastic, and the CCP is very nice. The Dagobah wave has some issues - Luke is effectively a statue, as the combination of the head sculpt and arms (no apparent poseability beyond shoulders) mean he'll look silly when he's not doing a hand-stand; R2 looks okay, but not fabulous; Yoda looks pretty nice, but does anybody else suspect that the top half of his body pops off to go in the backpack? The pack doesn't look big enough to fit his legs. Obi-wan looks about as good as I think they can make the "ghost" figures, though I still don't really care for him.

    Overall, I'm fairly impressed - time will tell whether the promise of the first three "vintage" figures holds up for the rest of the line. If it does, they could easily be the best 12 Star Wars action figures ever made.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sicqnus
    why making again the old fashioned Vintage/POTF X-wing ? Do Hasbro think we are all so nostalgic to buy this ?
    We already have plenty of X-wings... If Hasbro wants to "rehash", where is the Sandcrawler ???
    Umm isn't the Saga X-wing that is being rehashed? I hope so, because that POTF2 model wont fly.
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    I think they are great. They could have made other figures, but I am happy with what we got. There will alsways be that other character the could of made. I never got the Falcon in the POTF days so that is a pick up. As for the X-wing and Tioe Fighter, I dont have any X-wings and have the Tie Bomber, so I might get those two. The figures look great so far. I am kinda disappointed in the 12" but a pic of Boba could change that.
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