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    More podracers please

    Aside from the Cantina patrons and the ewoks, the pod racing pilots are the most neglected group of characters from the SW movies. They are interesting looking and most are small enough to be packaged as 2-packs, or to be included with their podracers (which to me is the preferable way to make them available). I know that Hasbro has concentrated on vehicles that could be sold for in the $20.00 or less price range. The podracers are ideal for this. There's a wide variety of them, and they look great. They also seem like they'd be the ideal vehicle to offer periodically when no other vehicles, or playsets are being offered. I'd like to see 3-4 of them a year at the very least.

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    I would only think about getting them if they were packed in with the racers. 20.00 bucks for them isnt bad. A vehicle and a figure. HOw about it Hasbro??????????????????
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    Not intrested in a ton of Pod Race vehicles. But I would be down for 2-packs of the racers. One larger one, packed with one smaller one. In fact, my post in this section suggested that quite a long time ago.

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    I agree, as this was one of GL's pet sequences, it has gotten the short end of the stick in terms of plastic representation. Releasing a pod with its pilot isn't a bad idea at all.

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    What's a pod? Oh wait, is that from EP1? No thanks. I'd like to forget EP1 ever happened.
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    I'd eventually like to see more pod racers. The figure I'd like the most from this scene is a 3-P0 with Anakin's flag, now that would be just darn cool!
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