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    Pic's of of Boxed Red Leaders X-wing. It has to still be a mock up.

    I say this, because there are 2 pilots in the package and the R5 droid is still a piece of card board. The Pilot looks like he doesn't have a removable helmet. What a crock! It better have a R5 in there.
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    After seeing these pics, I'm somewhat disappointed...

    If there is no R5 droid, I will not be getting it....

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    Ugh, this looks like the final version. I knew something looked weird about that astromech in previous pictures!
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    I was thinking the same thing, JT. It just looks so odd with that flat R2 in there that I can't bring myself to say it's definitely the final product. Yes, I know Hasbro's involved but even they couldn't botch it up that badly, could they?

    I was wondering if the "cardboard R2" was removable so you could at least swap out different R2 units like the red one from the Queen's starship.
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    Well I'll "have" to get one because it comes with a figure - but I'll be extremely disappointed if that piece of cardboard doesn't cover up a port that an R2 or R5 could fit into. The droid should be in the package - but it doesn't look like it. I would pay for a separate one on card to complete the piece if they put one out.

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    Yep, kinda sad. I guess they figure a cardboard standin for the droid is better than kids seeing an empty hole. Btw the second pilot figure is a cardboard cutout, if you look at the sideview you can see it's flat (and theres no shading in top view).

    For $30 though it might not be so bad... I picked up an extra Sail Barge R2 to plop in there anyways.
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    Looks like I still wont be buying an X-wing, pack in or not. It needs an R2 unit or some droid. Maybe, just maybe, when you remove the cardboard one will pop-up. Hopefully
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    Im either going to get this or the OTC X-wing. I don't have a single X-wing in my collection. My Collection consists of Two "ships" being: a POTFII Vader's TIE Fighter and a Clone Wars Anakin's modified Jedi Starfighter
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    This package looks like junk, but I'll still get it. I need another X-wing for variety in my dioramas and setups. They should've done something like the green A-wing, with the pilot standing next to the ship. The cardboard pilot and droid are just dumb.

    Oh well, I guess they're purposely trying to be dumb a little more before they start pulling their weight with the OTC line.
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    The last X-wing they released was pretty good. We finally got the removable R2 Unit we wanted and even got an R2 Unit that wasn't that bad either -- not to mention the little accessories to put behind the seat.

    Now, lets re-release this thing -- give everyone a crappy pilot with helmet head and dont give us a R2 unit that we have ALL been looking forward to since they screwed up R5-D4 in the POTF line (dont get me started on that one). We could have at least gotten something like R4-M9 -- but NOOOO -- we get CARDBOARD!!

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