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    TIE Pilot is still flying

    I was not sure if I wanted to buy the new TIE pilot when I heard they were making a new one. But for valentines day my wife went to the Big Flats Wal-Mart when I was at work. She saw the new Dadonna wave and bought all of them for me. I came home and was overjoyed even though Captain Antilles was not in this case.

    The pilot is the figure that I am least excited about in this wave and the most prominent difference from the original POTF version is the larger head that this new figure has. The eye sockets of the figure itself look almost transparent which is really a nice feature. The hoses and chest plate are quite different and perfectly detailed. Unlike the last TIE pilot made the new one's head does not move well because the chest plate is attatched to the chest itself.

    The body of the figure is is almost identical to the first TIE pilot, with exception to the detail and boot side. The feet of the pilot are quite small, despite this the figure stands well, which is good news. The outfit is given a very wrinkly detail, and the gloves are also detailed. I must admit that I like the new pilot much more than the POTF version even though the big difference is in the head and chest plate. Still the figure is nice and deserves a B -.
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    Sounds good to me, I dunno - I love tie pilots and can never get enough of them. Can't wait for this one and the new Dengar.

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    Good review, Jaff. Like you, I was hesitant about the new TIE Pilot when I saw the pics online, and was even more shy of buying it when I stumbled onto this wave at my local WM the other day. I bought him, anyway, and found it pretty much met my low expectations.

    Now the sculpt is growing on me, seeing as how it's more movie-accurate and all. That rat-like helmet is hard to get past; after all, we've had pretty much the same TIE Pilot sculpt since the POTF2 days, and I always liked it. I agree that the "transparent" eyepieces are cool. I also appreciate how small they made him; I always imagined the TIE Pilots as being rather small men, kind of like jockeys.

    Unfortunately, the breathing hoses on mine pop out of the helmet sockets when I turn his head. A big disappointment is the fact that the head cannot move up or down, like Assaj Ventress and Lando Skiff guard; so the Pilot always looks as if he is standing at attention. Also, like the Rebel Fleet Trooper, this figure has no waist articulation!

    He has knee articulation, which is nice, albeit somewhat useless. I was glad for the wrist articulation, but the one swiveling elbow seems a bit odd, and the best pose I can get is one that makes him look like he's holding up a bank teller.

    In the end, the sculpt is the only thing that saves this figure for me, and that just barely. Ditto on the B-, Jaff.

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    Yeah that one elbow does look a bit odd, I would rather have his arm down than bent. As for the hose I felt a bit uneasy about moving the TIE pilots head so I did not try moving his head that much, so I never discovered that the hoses poped out of his mouth. It's a good thing you told me about that
    Twodot, now I definately will not move his head!
    After 11 months The BEST/WORST figure poll is still going strong.

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    I've been hopefull for a very long time now that we'd get a new sculpt of the TIE-Pilot, so when Hasbro announced they were finally getting around to it I was excited.

    This figure looks great. He definately has a more movie accurate appearance due to a bigger helmet and a more detalied looking chestplate and breathing hoses. When you stand him side by side with the POTF2 version the most notable difference is the nose and eyes of the helmet. His outfit definately looks more like a flight suit and his build is more slight when compared to his somewhat buff predecessor. I like the addition of the wrist and knee articulatiuon and the improved stance as well.

    The only areas I'm disappointed in are, like you guys stated, the bent right arm and lack of waist articulation. I can live without the waist articulation but I would've liked to have the ability to place both his arms at his side so he looked right standing at attention. If it wasn't for this I'd say he is perfect.

    Overall I'm still very pleased with him and plan on building my ranks with this rendition.

    Grade: A-
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    Tie Pilot comparison pics

    I really dig this new Tie Pilot. It's a far better sculpt than the POTF2 & vehicle pack-in versions IMO. Like was said here before, his stature just seems much more acurate. Plus, the helmet is light years ahead of the older one.

    You can actually turn his head, you would just have to pop out the chestplate. It's held by a fat peg, and pops back in easily. His tubes can be removed from the helmet too, but they go right back in without any problems either.

    The only drawback for me is the the posed arm, but it's not that big of a deal..

    I was a little bored earlier, so I tried my hand at a few comparison pics with the pilot that came with the KB exclusive Tie fighter :

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    Question you ravers gotta be kiddin me. . .

    . . .i just found one and i ain't even opened him yet cuz i think he's downright Dopey lookin his helm's in some ways more accurate but less cool than potf's, it's not hornet-y enough and, as 2t sed, too rat-faced. also his neck's too long and he's afflicted with hank-hill-itis (his torso's longer than his legs ItellUwhut, who cares if they did it so he fits easier in a cockpit ) tho i admit that somehow these deficits don't show much in rs's posted comparison pix; could he possibly look that different out-of-package?
    btw his eyes aren't translucent, they're just painted brown; i got a cooler, vader-like, slightly-red-tint effect by filling in my potf's eyes w/a narrow-tipped black sharpie pen i'm stickin w/my potf version, he's way cooler- but i do want the more-detailed chestplate from this one (thanx for letting us know it's easily removable), in case anyone wants to trade same goes for capt. antilles' helmet and gold leader's helmet & gun, i've decided those figs are likewise too dopey to bother with but i do like their accessories
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    Thanks for the side by side comparison Reefer Shark. I really like the new version so I might have to pick up a few if I can find them.
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    Right on EP! I'm glad the comparison helped.

    The side comparison really does show the older helmets weak points IMO.

    I know it's kind of pointless, but I plan on replacing all my tie pilots (that came with vehicles, etc...) with these new versions. I know you can't see 'em in the ships, but if I know the better one's are in there I feel better for some stupid reason .

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    I'm srue you could swap out the chestplates. It would take some customizing though since the tube-ends are very different.

    Some super glue would do the trick I'm sure!


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