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    Star Wars Playmobile

    My kids have recently gotten into Playmobile. While I was assembling the castle for them, it suddenly dawned on me that Star Wars Playmobile sets would be fantastic. You'd never have to complain about a lack of playsets. They include accessories galore. Stormtroopers and the like would have snap on armor. There would be tons of playability for kids. It would be a really great marriage of toys and licensing.

    The only drawbacks would be that I don't know how, or if, they would do any non-human characters, and all their human characters would essentially have that same face that all their figures do.

    Lego got around the alien thing, though I think those look a little weird, and manage to use the same yellow face variations sucessfully on everyone else, and the prices for sets is about the same, but I think the Playmobile sets would be better.

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    This would be pretty dang cool. I always thought playmobile was pretty cool. I believe they are a german company if i'm not mistaken. The problem though, is I doubt they could get the license because Lego holds the license for the building brick market. While playmobile is quite a bit different from lego, I doubt that would stop Lego from arguing that they are close enough. In fact Playmobile sits right next to lego's at Target (which is the only major retailer I know of that carries them.)

    I believe the fact that Lego holds the rights to the brick market in the US is the reason that US retailers aren't carrying the Japanese Star Wars Kubrick sets. Thats why if you want them you need to get them from special market retailers online or in collectible shops.

    So if there was a way around that licensing issue perhaps we could see it in the future. But I wouldn't hold my breath. Regardless it would definitely be something i'd be interested in seeing


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