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    Greedo Fires First...For a Good Reason!

    Check out the attached picture's self-explanatory.

    I just ran into it on the web today. Does anyone have any info about it? Was there a video clip made or is it just the still photo?

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    Wishing he was at SDCC. *sigh*
    Ha Ha, very funny................NOT!
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    cant say I'd blame him at that point.
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    So is that going to be an addition to the Archival Edition to explain the end of that character?
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    And here I thought Greedo shot first because Han put his hand on Greedo's knee and made him get all flustered.

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    If only this were true, then a lot of fans would be eagerly anticipating the archival edition release.

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    There are very few things I consider "wrong" regarding everthing Star Wars. I love the movies and toys, and usually take whatever I get with glee. IF I did, however, have any problems with Star Wars - that picture would include all of them.

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    Stillakid, that was classic.. And for the Ultimate Edition of Star Wars Episodes 1-6 on DVD in 2006-7, George will be adding certain elements to the films to tie the PT to the OT more closely.. One of which would be having Greedo fire first and missing Han, but unfortunately hitting JarJar in the head.. We can now all bow our heads in mourning..
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    As much as I like Jar Jar Binks, that's a pretty funny pic stillakid . Thanx .

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    ROTFLMFAO! That is tooo funny!
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