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Thread: Dagobah Luke

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    Dagobah Luke

    This may have been discussed already, but I thought to make a new thread for those that might not otherwise hear about it. It seems that the new Dagobah Luke will not just be a hand-standing statue. Hasbro has gone "McFarlane" on this figure.
    Apparently, there are interchangeable arms and an interchangeable head. I just saw pictures on another site, and they show us the hand-standing version. And right next to it, they show one with bent arms (as though he's grabbing the back pack that comes with Yoda) and a new head.

    I thought it was worth mentioning...

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    hopefully, if they go to the trouble of having interchangeable arms/head, they will included arms that are neutrally posed, or the arms that they have to hold the backpack will be articulated more than they are in the picture from GH. if not, it's basically still a statue.

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    Yeah, but at least it's a statue with two poses, rather than one At least we'll get a version that will make sense with Yoda's backpack. It would be nice if there were neutral arms as well, though...........

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    Where did you see this? It sounds interesting. He could be levitating the X-wing, if his head is neutral. My only complaint with this figure was that his hair made him too scene-specific, but I guess that's changed.
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    This is the news I have been waiting for. I don't mind buying resculpts, as long as the figures have a difference worth owning. But this great. Different heads and different arms/hands are a "feature" I love on import toys and in the SW line, well, that would just be great. I even posted the question the other day in a post wondering how Luke/Yoda would properly 'do' the backpack at Hersheypark Mud pose. Nice to see you finally progressing, Hasbro.

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    You can see that the heads are definitely different, even though the spare parts aren't shown with either figure. Great move on Hasbro's part! Just a hand standing Luke would've really bit.

    Btw, Dagobah R2 is an FX R2 with the third leg cut off.
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    Sounds like a great idea. I hope it actually works well though, and that the arms/head don't become too loose after a change or two. We've been needing a newer Dagobah Luke for so long, I hope it turns out right.

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    That is awesome. I love it. The fact that you can interchange his parts is great. I might have to get two of these, but then I would need two Yodas as well. We shall see the final run of this figure to make that decision.
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    That facial sculpt is dire!!! I'm glad they did the arm and head swapping thing. That would have been a real bust to have a handstand only Luke. I hope the paint deco isn't this tragic on the final piece.
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    Well that's intresting. I thought it was gonna be just a lame handstanding statue but I'm glad to know he can be posed with a Yoda on his back.

    I agree about the 2nd head though, the face looks odd, like actress Frances McDormand.
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