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    Question Is the End of the Saga Line In Sight?

    Okay, so Toy Fair came and went with a lovely (in my opinion) showing of stuff to expect toward the end of the year. Absent entirely were any traces of the "Saga" packaging style, hands on saber logo, and mention of any further figures in this line. We know the Original Trilogy Collection, including the 12 "Vintage Nouveau" figures are on the way.

    Is there anything coming under the Saga banner that we don't know about?

    This list of basics was borrowed from Dar's checklist thread, I added the Ultras I know about.

    2004 Star Wars Saga Checklist:

    [#01] Hoth Trooper: Hoth Evacuation
    [#02] R-3PO: Hoth Evacuation
    [#03] Luke Skywalker: Hoth Attack
    Ultra Wampa
    Ultra Rieeken

    [#04] Luke Skywalker: Jabba's Palace
    [#05] R2-D2: Jabba's Sail Barge
    [#06] R1-G4: Tatooine Transaction
    Ultra 3PO with Pod

    [#07] Lando Calrissian: Jabba's Sail Barge
    [#08] Rappertunie: Jabba's Palace
    [#09] J'Quille: Jabba's Sail Barge
    [#10] Tanus Spijek: Jabba's Sail Barge
    [#11] Holographic Luke Skywalker: Jabba's Palace
    Ultra Jabba

    [#12] General Jan Dodonna: Battle of Yavin
    [#13] Gold Leader - Dutch Vander: Battle of Yavin
    [#14] TIE Fighter Pilot: Battle of Yavin
    [#15] Captain Antillies: Tantive IV Invasion (Fan Choice #5)

    PLUS: "The Star Destroyer Wave"

    Ultra Vader w Meditation Chamber (is this confirmed?)

    Red Leader's X-Wing w Red Leader figure

    Then, from what I can tell, "The Dagobah Wave" will consist of figures in OTC packaging.

    Are there any surprises left?

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    You forgot the Endor Wave, with Ultra Ewok w/ Glider. The Vader w/ Chamber was just a rumor. But yeah, it does indeed look like Saga is coming to an end. Or going on hiatus, for OTC and Modern/Vintage.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    Thanks, JJB. I remember seeing those pics of the new Ewok w Glider. I can't remember if there is a corresponding wave of basics coming with it or not, have basic Endor figures been confirmed?

    EDITED: I'm stupid. I know Han in ATST driver dress is confirmed. Anyone else?

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    [#16] Admiral Ozzel: Executor Assault
    [#17] Dengar: Executor Meeting
    [#18] Bossk: Executor Meeting

    [XXX] Han Solo: AT-ST Driver Endor Strike
    [XXX] General Crix Madine: Imperial Shuttle Capture
    [XXX] General Lando Calrissian: Death Star Attack

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    It is the end of the SAGA lime. Now to the OT line then the BIG one, the EPISODE III line!!!
    Man I wish it was Toy Fair 2005!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JarJarBinks[XXX
    ... General Crix Madine: Imperial Shuttle Capture
    [XXX] General Lando Calrissian: Death Star Attack....
    Ah yes. I had heard about Crix, and the pics of General Lando (loose) from Toy Fair look fine. Thanks very much for the info (again), JJB.

    Got to thinking..... the OTC TIE Pilot will be another repack, won't it? I had it on my lists as a needed figure, but getting the Saga one will remove the need. Not a whole lot left this year compared to the last 2. My wife will be thrilled.

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    Good bye to the crappy gimmick saga line and say hello to the rebirth of the Leia line, The OTC line!!!

    Go Hasbro it's your birthday, go Hasbro, reissue some older figures.

    I am going to buy a new house, just so I have room to fit all my Tatooine Luke figures. I'm all for making figures better, but this is getting out of hand.
    [CENTER]Caboodle is a anything goes forum page, we could use some good forum topic starters if anyone is interested.[/CENTER]

    [CENTER][B][FONT=System][SIZE=4]$6.99 for a 3 3/4 inch Star Wars figure, with so many Star Wars collectors paying this kind of scratch for one figure and the cost of gas for driving from store to store, I can see why our econmy is in a slump![/SIZE][/FONT][/B][/CENTER]

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    goodness me, hasbro knocking the saga line on the head? that gives them just the excuse they need to change the packaging of the figures because it must be, ooh, at least six months or so since they last changed it.

    why can't they just leave it alone. we don't need all these different names and packaging every couple of months for the lines - they are all just star wars figures. why not package and market them as such.

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    I'm with you on just calling them Star Wars Figures and ditching all the name changes. I open all mine up, and if I have a question about one of them, I have to try and remember what line it came from so I know where to post, or where to look it up.

    I agree, it should be one continuous line, but by changing the cards periodically, it now allows Hasbro to try and slip in repackaged figures as new.

    Whatever they call the next lines, I hope that they continue to have the same exciting mix of never been done figures--especially of the I can't believe they're actually making that one variety--such as Rieeken, R1, etc. and the fantastic resculpts.

    I don't want to see just a bunch of resculpts of the central characters of the OT between September and May of next year.

    And please--let them do at least 1 Cantina wave before Ep.III comes out.

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    I completely dig on the new card changes. As a carded collector, the line starts to get "stale" when we continually have the same card wave after wave. Minor changes are welcome (POTJ w/ Jedi Force File to POTJ w/o Jedi Force File), but major changes are great (Saga to OTC).

    I have shelves on which each row represents a card change and I really dig the way that displays. It shows a nice progression (or regression, depending on your point of view) of the changes to the line and keeps the display nice and varied.



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