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    Cool Opened Lego 2002 Sets

    Got the Lego 2002 sets today at TRU and my kids assembled them. Check my homepage for the loose pics of the Ewok Attack, Final Duel I & II and Jedi Defense I & II.
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    The new Speederbike does look better than the 1st version one from ages ago,not bads sets really
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    I just got these as well (except the ewok one) weeping like a little .....

    Nice additions but a little pricey.

    did however go to a k-mart where they were having a 20% sale on all legos. got 4 more battle droid carriers. Bring my lego BD's to

    Pilot BD-5
    Commander BD-1
    Security BD-1

    I'm working my way to a battle between the gungans and BD's.

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    another set found!!

    I finally got the ewok set as well as Jedi Defense II. both were the last on the shelf.

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    I got the Final Duel I and Jedi Defense I sets... These should actually be $3-5... What's with the way over-sized box anyway? If these were cheaper they'd be more like accessory sets rather than actual sets.
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    Thumbs up

    I just saw the Droideka/Qui-Gon set. It looks great! Hopefully Santa is reading this...
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    These new sets look pretty cool. I need to keep my eye out for these.
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    Can't find one!

    I found all the sets except for Jedi Defense II. I've looked all over, and talked to guys in my collector's club, and none of them have found it, either. Weird!

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    I picked up JD 2 on Thursday at TRU Monrovia for $6.99, the door is pretty cute, but that's the ONLY feature in this set that hasn't been visited before (unless you count the new security battle droid molded in the new dark red color with paint on the front of the chest and the back of the head as new... obviously I don't ). I could see getting a ton of these if they were half off for various door needs, perhaps also for openings in the Lego Millennium Falcon, which is nearly detail-free inside.
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    Saw them here for the first time yesterday at a local retail outlet. The Ewok attack is quite a tempting set but a little pricey. Then there is the twin pod cloud car that I most likely will be getting. But I didn't get any set yet, want the one with Darth Vader in it but its not on the shelves yet.


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