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    Angry Hall Of Fame? Otc? Wtf?

    Okay... so I see there is going to be a "hall of fame" series where quite a number of these figures are going to also end up in the OTC. What is the point of that?? Am I just reading this information incorrectly or what?
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    I believe you are right. Along with some rehashes of POTJ. I've already made up my mind that I will only be purchasing the Modern Vintage OTC line.

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    its dear old hasbro yet again trying to screw more money out of us by trying to sell us stuff that we already have!

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    Let's see:

    Han Solo CommTech
    Han Solo Flight to Alderan
    Han Solo Hall of Fame
    Han Solo OTC

    All the same figure!

    That dosen't count the bubble and insert variations.
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    Is it going ot be the SA line on the SAga cards? I agree that rehashing the same old figures year after year is getting out of hand, but if it is the SA line on Saga cards, then it is different.
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    It really is sad.
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    Look at it this way, we probably won't be able to find them in the stores anyway!

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    I agree its pretty sad but as long as there are people who insist on having all the card variations there will always be a marketplace for re-packs. I just refuse to play that game and encourage people to do the same by resisting the urge to be a completist. This is just one more reason why my loose collection is more enjoyable to me than my carded.
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    To Kidhuman: No, no, no. The super articulated line is the line on the cards that look exactly like the vintage ones. They are 10 bucks a pop, only on the vintage card. There aren't any plans to rerelease them on any other card.

    The Hall of Fame series is figures that have been released before, now with those clear bases, on the Saga gold-stripe card. There are figures from TPM (just Maul), AOTC (HD Anakin, CC Obi-Wan, first AOTC Yoda), and the OT (several main characters). They should be coming out very soon.

    There are also more rereleases on the gold-stripe card that don't really qualify as the HOF series (Han brown coat, SC Anakin, ROTJ Boba, Barriss, Aayla, etc) and they are out now.

    The OTC has 21 figures - 7 new (Dagobah and Bespin) and more rereleases. Several of the rereleases in the OTC are also in the HOF, but there are some "new rereleases" (like X-wing Luke, Jedi Luke, Wicket [wihtout Logray?!?!?!], and the TIE pilot) as well. The OTC figures are on cards that kind of look like the vintage ones, but not exactly - Han was on one on the Hasbro page and at Toy Fair. These come out in the fall.

    Hope I cleared it up . . . maybe?

    Anyway . . . the last time they had rereleases, none of them pegwarmed in my area at all. They were here and gone within a month or two of their initial release. This gives new collectors some cool stuff to get, and veterans that have been in the game for a while get a chance to breathe and pay off the stuff we've already bought.
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    Ok I have a couple of things to say here. Back in Vintage days Kenner rehashed figures all the time. We got like ANH 1977 figures on ROTJ 1983 cards. Also, I'm actually glad we're getting POTJ Pilot Luke rehashed because I could NEVER find him in stores in my Area, PLUS Hasbro's probably rehashing him to go with the Rehashed X-wing.
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