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I am onlymissing 2 '03 figures, Emperor and Mynock Chewie. I really want the Emperor, but will pass on Chewie for now.

Strange what different people have missed out on. I never saw the Outlander wave (Obi-Wan, Elan, Ayy and Conecpt trooper) but everything else showed up in some quantities.

The Emperor is not that great. It looks good in photos,but the actual figure has a hood that is thicker than his hands are and it sticks way above his face. Chewie Mynock hunt is the same from the Mynock Hunt three pack (which was also hard to find).

I am sure plenty of people from Anchorage etc. see these posts, but I know a few who don't inform me when they find new things even though we agreed that we would. Not sure if they aren't looking anymore or would rather keep their finds to themselves. BUT I will continue to post... when I find something new.