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    transformer's Optimous Prime in Freddy Vs Jason?

    Ok I know the title of this thread through you off but this is not sequel talk,even thought it sounds cool. No this is an actor question. for thoese who watched the movie freddy vs Jason. you know the sheriff that keeps telling everone not to talk about freddy and always gets paranoide when they do, well I was watching the movie yesturday and i noticed he sounds like Opitmous Prime from the Beast Wars and Trasfomers cartoon, I was wondering if anyone else cought that and if it really is the voice actor for prime. Thanx
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    Yep, he is. He's a pretty famous voice actor, actually:

    Duncan/Man-At-Arms & Whiplash on Masters of the Universe (2003)
    Optimus Prime on Transformers: Armada
    Slash/Turbo on Reboot
    Dr. Ivo Robotnik on Sonic Underground
    Optimus Primal on Beast Wars/Beast Machines

    And many many More.

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    Kane Hodder was originally supposed to play Sheriff Williams. Ronny Yu wanted to go for a comic book feel to the movie so that's why he cast cartoon voice actor Gary Chalk instead of Kane.

    That, and Gary Chalk is a whopping one inch taller than Kane Hodder.

    sorry, couldn't resist.


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