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    Who wants more Jar Jar Binks?

    Just out of curiosity, who actually would want to see more Jar Jar Binks in E3 and why?
    Do you think it would be good to have him killed off in E3? Maybe Sebulba could come back for a quick cameo to finish what we were all wanting to see him do in E1. No matter what, I doubt that GL is stupid enough to make the damning decision to give JJB a major role again... or is he?
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    Speak for yourself. I never wanted to see Sebulba kill him.

    I love Jar Jar and I think his screen time in AOTC was perfect. I'd like the same amount for E3.

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    I'd like to see him tied to a rock, and dropped down to his Gungan watery grave. I don't know, I doubt George will have him killed, but he will have to explain somehow where he goes, unless he digitally adds him in the background as a rebel pilot or something in Episode IV, or maybe has him strapped to the proton torpedo that destroys the Death Star.
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    I wouldnt mind JJB. Like Caesar said, limited screen time. It would be cool to see Anakin off him though.
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    Why does it have to be explained where JJB goes? This movie will take place about 2 decades before ANH . . . Jar Jar is hardly at the top of the list of characters who we should still be wondering about.

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    I want Jar Jar Binks to have a larger/more important role in pisode III than he did for AOTC. True he gave Palpatine emergence powers, but I was kinda miffed that he had less than 5 minutes screen time, especially for a character that played a major role in the movie before it. It's like TPM was setting him up for something, but George didn't do it because of fan's outburst against him.

    I want Jar Jar to have a larger role in Episode III, and I don't want him to die I want him added into the Death Star meeting room on the ANH:AE .

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    For those of you who would have liked more jjb in E2, I bet you can't wait for georgey to make an E2:Special Edition with "improvements" such as more JarJar.
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    Well, he should have fulfilled his "life debt" to Qui Gon Jinn in TPM and died a martyr instead of abandoning the Jedi in his quest for glory with the Gungans...

    Since that wasn't the case, coupled with George's response to fan "reaction" by using less Jar Jar in AOTC, I wouldn't expect to see more of the guy in III. He'll have to show up, but I wouldn't put it past George to show us a shot of Jar Jar "escaping" the purge then showing up in the Cantina in the Super-Nifty versions of the OT.

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    I think he'll get sent to Alderaan to watch over Leia, similar to Luke going with Obi Wan. It'll be left for us to interpret that he perishes with Bail when the planet is destroyed in ANH.

    I don't mind seeing him, but I don't feel that the story that's going to have to be told in Episode III will merit much in the way of comedy relief. I found TPM and ROTJ a little "over the top" in terms of sight gags and silliness. This movie should be dark and solemn, sombre. There will be laughter, yes (it's Lucas) but hopefully of the bittersweet variety - people cracking one liners to deal whatever horrible stressed they're under at the time.

    I don't need a 5 or 10 minute Jar Jar interlude, with lots of people getting hit in the nuts or neutralized out of sheer blind luck. I don't need another slapstick droid assembly line routine, either btw. Make it short (2hrs is plenty), make it dark, make it good.

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    We need more JJB in E3, or his role in E1 will be a ripoff. But we don't need the fart jokes.

    I want him to go out a hero, slain by Vader. Redeem his character somewhat.
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