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Thread: Can you help me

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    Can you help me

    I have a problem asking women out without making a rear end of myself. When I do they almost always say no and end up hating me for some reason. Mabey you guys can give me some tips to help me later on.
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    Well, I'm certainly not one to give advice on how to ask a woman out. I prefer just to stay single, and try to raise my son. Eventually though, I may change my mind, but for now, I've got to much other stuff going on that keeps my life full.
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    Well, just be yourself for starters. Dont try and get to overboard. Some decent conversation and all. Start small like the typical cup od coffee or a beer. Dont make it seem like a date, but always leave the door open.
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    I have a problem asking women out without making a rear end of myself. When I do they almost always say no and end up hating me for some reason
    just like tyler durden says, "maybe a woman isn't what you really need."

    not to say you need a man either, but maybe you should just be happy with yourself, and if the opportunity presents itself, be yourself and try to find someone you have something in common with.

    you probably "make a rear end" out of yourself because you are not being true to yourself, grasshopper.

    you should check out "hango fett's girl help" thread.......though apparently it didn't help him much...........
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    Yes, Listen to Derek, Help you is can, save you it might, from making an arse out of you.

    We spent many a page trying to help the young Hango, but heed our words he did not. That is why he failed!

    Ahhh, I remember the times I tried to ask a girl out, let's face it, if you fail with one, it doesn't mean you will with all of them. Be yourself, as the others have said, I find that works better than trying to pretend you are someone you are not.
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    Back in my single days, when all else failed, good ole Jim Beam seemed to do the trick. After talking a bit with Mr Beam, I seemed to have 'all' the right things to say. Worked about 50% of the time.

    Plus if you do something stupid, you might not remember in the morning. But then again, you mind end up doing something stupid and wake up to it the next morning too.
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    I hope you didnt use "Mr Beam" to take advantage of anybody. Derek brought up a thread full of good advice. Fret hit it on the head, Hango Fett was just too scared thats why it didnt work. You on the other hand can actually muster up the courage to speak to one so youre lightyears ahead of him. Good luck.
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    I'm hardly anyone to give advise either, although I don't think I'm that bad looking of a guy! However, I've learned a thing or two being in my job believe it or not! I'm in direct sales and they say the hardest door to open is the car door! Meaning you can drive to your customers, but if you don't get out of the car and do your job, your not going to close any deals/make any sales! In other words just do it!

    So, K-A K has a point! It all comes down to being confident! But in the same vein you gotta be confident while having a "I don't give a rats arse if you say yes or not" attitude! Confidence and indifference, a perfect combination! Just so you know that's for casual dating and cheap sex kinda stuff!

    If there is someone specific that you really like, you'll want to treat her with a little bit more respect! Just start up casual conversation first. General stuff, but during that convo lead the conversation towards relationships! Mention your own that has just ended, even if it's bull-crud! Then she'll open up about hers. If it warrants it ask her quesitons like, so why aren't you seeing anyone now? If she's a confident person she'll tell you straight up what the deal is, but most people become vunerable with a question like this, and give general answers like, "I don't know why". This approach puts someone who you may have thought was out of your league on your same level and gives you that chance you may think you didn't have! All and all Confidence is the key, and use that opportunity to make your move. If you've made a connection but are still unsure where she stands you can always generalize questions, and say things like, "we should get together and hang out sometime" inplace of comming right out and asking her out. Also introduce environments where you both can go but she'll feel comfortable in, so it doesn't seem like a date! The only problem with this is, you may hang out with friends and she may find interest in someone else within the group because she just still sees you as a friend. So being confident is always your best bet, and establish that connection betwen you both!

    Another thing I've learned in sales, is that if all else fails, play the numbers game! Ask out as many women as possible, your bound to find somone to say yes! In sales it's referred to as your 'law of averages'! Meaning for every 20 No's you get you'll get a yes! The more confident you are the better your law of averages. the more scared you are your chances are probably more like 1-100!!!

    I hope this helps! Good luck!
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    Where's DeadEye when you need him !

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    Yeah, you listen to that crazy Kidhuman character. He's the lucky guy on the forums.

    I still wonder why Hango's thread got closed down as i'd love to hear any news to that whole debacle.
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