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    New Transformers Alternators rock!

    I was just at TRU and found these new Transformers "Alternators" and all I can say is WOW!

    These are, IMHO, what Transformers should have been all along. I stopped collecting the line years ago, in part because my collection burned up in a house fire, and partly because I was getting older and sorta grew out of collecting toys for a while, but mostly because I just didn't care for the stuff they were putting out.

    Then Hasbro decided to re-release the G1 line and I started collecting, yet again. Then I decided that collecting 2 lines was too expensive (especially with the cost of the re-issues), so I sold my Optimus, Rodimus (Hot Rod), and the rest.

    Tonight I found the new Alternators and couldn't help myself, I bought Smokescreen and Side Swipe. I just couldn't believe the detail of them, they look incredible! One of the things I liked best about the original line was that the vehicles looked like actual cars, jets, guns, etc. Well, this new line takes that to the next level!

    Unfortunatly, I got buyer's remorse as soon as I got home and couldn't bring myself to open them. Now I'm looking to trade 'em or I will just bring them back to the store for a refund. (see my post in Trades)

    I am really impressed with this line, but I can't collect 2 lines, I just can't.

    Is anyone else collecting this line? Does anyone know what Hasbro is planning for the future of the line?
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    Weve got a thread in the Other section about these guys. I plan on getting most of them, some i will skip though. From what Adam has said, the future releases we see will be Decepticons, unfortunately they will be repainted so thats kind of a letdown.
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    Actually, I said that the Alternators Decepticons were coming but were just repaints of the existing models, and I was quoting Hasbro's own TF website.

    Here's the thread we already have about the line:

    SK99, I'd urge you to open up those bad boys and really enjoy them, they're fantastic, each with their own charms. Smokescreen is a better figure, but SideSwipe is easier to transform back to alt mode. Another cool thing about the line is that at $20 a piece, they're only releasing a new model every 2 months, so only 6 a year - makes it pretty easy to have a whole collection, and if you visit Target or TRU, you can see they're not hard to find a month after release, unlike SW.
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    Heck at that price why not collect the whole line. The fact that a one comes out every two months is pretty sweet.
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