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    How about some more vehicles for the OTC

    So far, the OTC has a retooled Falcon which looks nice and rereleases of the first X-wing and TIE Fighter which look okay. The sandcrawler is apparently also inally coming out as part of this line. But why stop there? This is the chance to put out some more vehicles from the OT. Here's my list:
    *Speeder Bike with Scout Trooper. Using parts from the clone trooper speeder bike, this version has a newly-sculpted scout. The scout has super articluation and can hold the handlebars correctly. This can be an ultra figure. You can rerelease the bike with a few changes and Luke and Leia figures. These would fly off the shelves, I am telling you now.
    *Snowspeeder. A rerelease of the 1996 version, or the hard-to-find 2002 Hoth Peril. Either one.
    *Boba Fett's Slave I. The version you promised us two years ago - a repaint of the aweosme Jango Fett version. I don't have the first Boba one but it looks like junk compared to the Jango version.
    *Imperial AT-AT Walker. A rerelease of the old one. Probably an exclusive, to Target or someone good.
    *TIE Interceptor. I personally never saw this in stores.
    *B-wing. Maybe in a limited run, I didn't get this.
    *Y-wing. It was really hard for some people to find.
    *Tatooine Skiff. Same as Y-wing.
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    My friend, you left out the most important one..........

    The Cloud Car twin Pod. That is one vehicle I definitly want.

    The AT-ST: with the new Endor wave and Ewok glider this would be awesome. Especially with the new Han in At-ST disguise

    AT-AT- a rerelease of the POTF one would be fine.

    Speeder bikes- I am always for speeder bikes. Just dont send themin limited runs like you have with allthe deluxes.

    Vaders Tie Fighter- Why not, you have released allthe other ones, why not this one?

    Snow Speeder- The 2002 one wass very HTF in my area. I saw one of em at Wal-Mart. You rereleaseed the Tie bomber why not this one too?

    A, B, Y-wings- could always use more of these.

    Landspeeder - a classic. If you rehash allthe OTC characters and re-release them for new collectors, why not this piece?

    Imperial Shuttle - a greta piece, but the price tag is too high. Maybe a little rettoling and lower price tag

    Jabbas Sail Barge and Tatoone skiffs - Yes, a sail barge. We got pretty much everything jabba, why not this piece? And a Skiff as well.

    And dont make any of these exclusives either. I hate driving allover only tofind out the employees and scalpers snatch em up for their own personal financial gain.
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    We just got a landspeeder and the AT-ST w/ewok and speeder bike, so I say no need on either of those.

    I never saw the TIE Interceptor either, and wouldn't mind that.

    I would consider buying a second Y-Wing if the paint scheme were different, or a new pilot figure were included as long as it wasn't over $25.00.

    The ships that are $20.00 and under I could see as releases with new paint and pilot figures. I really wanted the target A-Wing, but never saw it.

    I wouldn't mind the X-Wings coming out with a decal sheet for the wing insignia so that those of us who wanted to could determining whether it was going to be Red 2, Red 3, etc. , instead of having yet another Red 5.

    Anything else, if it's going to be released, it should not involve lots of retooling so that those of us who have these things shouldn't sweat about whether we're going to shell out $75.00 + for another AT-AT because this one comes with a holographic Darth Vader.

    I'd still like to see the Lars Family Speeder, and that saucer-like ship (that I used to think was a big droid) shown outside the Mos Eisley Cantina. I'd also like to see the rickshaw w/droid from AOTC. , and the other Naboo landspeeder from TPM. (I know those last two aren't OT, but figured I'd lump them in here as well).

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    Kidhuman. There has already been confirmation somewhere (I think RS) that Hasbro IS rereleasing Vader's TIE with a Vader pilot figure.

    Hmm, what do I want as far as Vehicles to release in OTC?
    -I agree a retooled Speeder Bike with SA Scout Trooper, Luke (ULTIMATE ENDOR AND DS2 DUEL), and Leia are definately needed and will fly off the shelf. (I'd buy one of each of the 3 to keep packaged, then another set of 3 to replace my POTFII Luke, Leia and Scout Speeders and such, and at least 3 more Scouts.
    -An Ultimate Set of Luke's Landspeeder with a rehashed farmboy Luke and VOTC SA clothgoods Obi-Wan would SOOOO fly off the shelves. This would also give buyers another way to get the VOTC SA Obi-Wan without spending the 10 bucks just for it (and would get other cool stuff also).
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    D'oh, I can't believe I forgot the Cloud Car! Maybe it would come with a shoddy pilot, so we'd only have to get one single-carded pilot. But I'd like it without any pilots, so there could be two nice pilots from the OTC line.

    Also, I'd like to see a Star Destroyer vehicle/playset thing. Similar to the vintage one, but bigger. Obviously not in scale, but pretty big (big as, if not bigger than, the Naboo Royal Starship). There could be a place where Vader can talk to Palpatine (it should include a large holo head of him). And a place for the Bounty Hunters. And probots!

    And then there could be a Tantive IV Blockade Runner. With another Rebel Trooper, stormtrooper, and the silver droid (U-3PO? E-3PO? One is here, one is on Bespin . . .). It could fire a red missile, and the SD could shoot a green one.
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    I completely agree on the RicShaw (sp) from AOTC. That would be very neat.

    Sandcrawler...let's get this one out finally!

    Cloud Car-YES!!! Make sure there is a pilot with it. It's going to be weird having a pilot but no vehicle.

    How about Jabbas Barge?

    Remake of the old troop transporter....I loved that vehicle with the 'brain scanners'.....Minirigs. ....they are selling well for GI Joe...a carded vehicle!

    Sith Infiltrator!

    That's all for now!

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    I am completely for the Imperial Troop Transport (though it was more like what the rebels had). That was one of my favorite toys from the vintage line. I even liked that it came with the story about this vehicle being what the Imperials used to blast the sandcrawler in ANH.

    Mini-rigs would be good, too, though I'd prefer more of the actual onscreen vehicles first. I liked some of the vintage line mini-rigs. The modern line choices were very hit or miss. The Shadows of the Empire vehicles, and even the deluxe waves of Smuggler backpacks and such were good I thought, but aside from the snowspeeder, I was disappointed in the EU concept vehicles. That weird cruisemissile trooper being the worst. There are so many other rejected designs that at least look and feel like they belong in the SW universe to choose from.

    I'd like to see Jabba's sail barge, but even out of scale it would have to be enormous to fit Jabba inside with any other figures.

    I would like a Sarlacc Pit playset though.


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