View Poll Results: What AOTC/Clone Wars Toy vehicle/ship do you like the most?

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  • Gunship

    135 45.15%
  • Command Gunship

    51 17.06%
  • Hailfire Droid

    70 23.41%
  • Geonosian Fighter

    6 2.01%
  • Jedi Starfighter (original red)

    14 4.68%
  • Jedi Starfighter (New Turquoise blue)

    4 1.34%
  • Anakin's Starfighter

    19 6.35%
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    Which Hasbro AOTC/Clone Wars vehicle do you like most?

    Of the toys ships from AOTC already produced which one do you like the most?

    • Gunship
    • Command Gunship
    • Hailfire Droid
    • Geonosian Fighter
    • Jedi Starfighter (original red)
    • Jedi Starfighter (New Turquoise blue)
    • Anakin's Starfighter
    Please give your thoughts as to why you like them.

    I am torn between the Gunship (original) and the Hailfire droid. The gunship is big and a cool design while the Hailfire (though technically a droid) is a VERY cool design though no figures can ride on it-well they're not supposed to anyway. I choose the gunship. The Jedi Starfighter is cool but I didn't like the exploding wing trick. The Geonosian fighter has a nice design, but I didn't like the rubbery tips. It's understandable though for safety for the kiddies.

    I deliberately left of Zam and Anakin's speeder as well as Jango's Slave One. The thought is what War ship not personal ship. (Though I did put Anakin's fighter on there because presumably he uses it for many space battles whereas Slave One (now presumably under Boba's control) would not be.

    The Spider droid was figure size so that is why that was left off. Too bad we couldn't have added AT-TE and the Homing Spider droid to this list though...

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