View Poll Results: What AOTC/Clone Wars Toy vehicle/ship do you like the most?

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  • Gunship

    135 45.15%
  • Command Gunship

    51 17.06%
  • Hailfire Droid

    70 23.41%
  • Geonosian Fighter

    6 2.01%
  • Jedi Starfighter (original red)

    14 4.68%
  • Jedi Starfighter (New Turquoise blue)

    4 1.34%
  • Anakin's Starfighter

    19 6.35%
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    Which Hasbro AOTC/Clone Wars vehicle do you like most?

    Of the toys ships from AOTC already produced which one do you like the most?

    • Gunship
    • Command Gunship
    • Hailfire Droid
    • Geonosian Fighter
    • Jedi Starfighter (original red)
    • Jedi Starfighter (New Turquoise blue)
    • Anakin's Starfighter
    Please give your thoughts as to why you like them.

    I am torn between the Gunship (original) and the Hailfire droid. The gunship is big and a cool design while the Hailfire (though technically a droid) is a VERY cool design though no figures can ride on it-well they're not supposed to anyway. I choose the gunship. The Jedi Starfighter is cool but I didn't like the exploding wing trick. The Geonosian fighter has a nice design, but I didn't like the rubbery tips. It's understandable though for safety for the kiddies.

    I deliberately left of Zam and Anakin's speeder as well as Jango's Slave One. The thought is what War ship not personal ship. (Though I did put Anakin's fighter on there because presumably he uses it for many space battles whereas Slave One (now presumably under Boba's control) would not be.

    The Spider droid was figure size so that is why that was left off. Too bad we couldn't have added AT-TE and the Homing Spider droid to this list though...

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    I voted for the Hailfire Droid. It is the only one I purchased. I love them fromthe movies. I even have the Lego one put together. I want to get more of the Lego ones, and am waiting for the clearance price to drop a little bit more before I get another one.
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    I picked the hailfire droid as well, though the command gunship was a close second. Is there any difference between the original release and teh clone wars version? I only bought the original.

    The reason I picked the hailfire droid is the design, plus, if I were a kid setting my stuff up on the floor, all those firing missiles.

    I still haven't seen Anakin's starfighter, though apparently they are in abundance everywhere else.

    I like the Jedi Starfighter (red) though was disappointed that it doesn't come with the hyperspace ring attachment. The ring will be silly packaged alone, and I doubt they'll release them together as a more expensive version, though I would probably buy it if they did.

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    I still don't have the Hasbro Hailfire Droid, but I suppose I'll be picking that up tomorrow probably if I don't find new figures because I've been on the fence about it. I really dig my Lego one, it rolls very nicely, but I've heard the Hasbro one doesn't which is why I've held back till now.

    I don't think you voted for the Gunship JMS since I just voted for it and am currently the only person who did so. The Gunship has but 1 vote and the Command Gunship has none.

    Anyway, I voted for the Republic Gunship even though I waited until I found it for half price on clearance mainly because it's not just a good likeness of the movie version, but also has a lot of areas for the figures to hang out. Most of the features on this are better than normal for Hasbro vehicles, the top missiles are supposed to be there, the lower ones can still rotate, the cockpit opens, the wing laser pods rotate, the doors open nicely, and it's just a slick craft. I don't care for the snap-on pods from the Pilot figures all that much, the drop-out floor doesn't work too well, and the speederbike situation appears to be made for the vintage design rather than the Saga version. But all in all, I can display a lot of figures on it, there's a carrying handle, and it looks pretty accurate.
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    I voted for the original Gunship, although the Hailfire was a very close second. I think I like the LEGO Hailfire better because it doesn't have orange missiles.
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    I voted for the Gunship, since it is one of only two of the ships that I have opened. I am not a big fan of the ships, mostly because of the scale size with the figures, especially the larger ships like the Falcon or the Sandcrawler (I know those are OT ships, just using them for an example). I also got a second Gunship since they were sold for dirt cheap at KB's online site a while back, I believe.
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    D'oh, I had that open as another window and apparently I closed it before I registered my vote. Done now though.

    I have both the Lego and Hasbro versions of the Hailfire droid and they are both awesome but I think the Lego one edges the Hasbro one out. Main reason is for the ease of rolling, but also I dig the immense round Lego wheel. I reported some time ago when this came out that I believed it was the biggest piece produced for mass distribution to date. Now I could be wrong but I haven't seen any that would come close to those wheels. The Lego park rides and custom pieces don't count.

    I haven't opened the Command Gunship yet so I dont' really know if there are any discernable differences. Mostly paint application. Same thing between the red/blue Jedi Starfighters.

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    Well, there are the Lego baseplates, especially the mountainy ones that are about 3" tall, they're probably bigger, but except for baseplates, I think you're right. The wheels were the reason I was so torn about getting another one at clearance last month, I just didn't have the extra money but wanted those wheels, eventually I ended up passing even though it was $12.22.

    BTW, I might have voted for the Geonosis Fighter if the nose sections weren't so floppy, it's a great ship and I hope some day that Hasbro rereleases it with better nose pieces.

    Hey, wouldn't the Dooku on Speederbike set count as a vehicle here? I dunno if anybody would vote for it, but it's a battle of Geonosis vehicle.
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    I liked all of these really. I voted for the Gunship because it's turned out to be such a great toy to actually play with. It looks cool too. I bought one for my son and when it's not hanging from the ceiling, he's playing with it, loaded with soldiers and Jedi.

    I liked the Geonosian Fighter a lot. It's got the bendy rubber tips, yeah, that make it less than perfect, but it's so cool looking. I also really like the Jedi Starfighter a bunch. Having gotten it on sale, it was a solid buy.

    Haven't picked up the Hailfire Droid yet, but I will and I'm sure I'll dig it. Anakin's Starfighter looks fun also, maybe I'll buy that one for the kid to play with at some point.

    In all, I'd have to say that I'm a fan of the whole vehicle thing. They're never perfectly movie accurate, but I'd rather they ended up being FUN toys, rather than miniature movie props.

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    I voted the republic gunship. It just looks too cool when it's loaded up with clones! Also, all the moving parts are a big plus in my book. This thing would be perfect if it was just a little bigger, and had correctly scaled side laser turrets (don't know what those are actually called). The command gunship would count as a duplicate to me (since the only difference is the paint scheme). Ditto on the blue starfighter.

    My second choice would be Anakins starfighter. That's one great little ship, lots of play value + it looks really nice busted open. I'll admit to liking this ship a lot more after seeing it in action in the CW cartoon though...

    Honestly though, I really like all the vehicle offerings from ATOC & CW so far. Hopefully we'll get more down the road!


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