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    New Fan poll up on Hasbro's site! That's the good news.

    The bad news is that we only get rehashes to choose from.
    1. Commtech R2
    2. Motti
    3. Ree Yees
    4. Death Star trooper
    5. Stormy Han (from trash set)
    I voted for Han, because he hasn't been on a card yet. Check it out!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Turbowars
    I voted for Han, because he hasn't been on a card yet. Check it out!
    If Han wins we'll end up with an ugly, hunched over pre-posed figure IMHO which will be fine for carded collectors, I suppose... pass

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    The only good choices would be R2 or Motti, maybe Ree-Yees. Everyone got the Screen Scene (which was last year, not 2001) and everyone got the Death Star Accessory Set with the Death Star Trooper. I got Ree-Yees for $2 at one of those sales, and R2 for $20 one time. Motti is the only logical choice, for me.

    Vote Motti!!!
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    Please do not support the Han Solo Stormtrooper cause if they release it, we will not see a new, better resculpt.

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    Agreed. I'd rather see a new resculpt of Han and Luke: Stormtrooper in the future. Motti was harder to get then R2-D2 w/ Holo Leia. But R2 is a great sculpt. So this is a real tough one. I hate voting for a main character. But, I think I'm gonna have to go for R2-D2 w/ Holo Leia. Since everyone's always clamoring for it to be re-released.

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    If Rehashs are king then I will want the R2D2 with Holo Leia....

    since I never got one...
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    Yeah, OK I'll change my mind just for you.
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    I'll go with R2 as well. I never got him plus I want a brand new Ree-Yees and Stormie Han.
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    What is this crap? Why choose 1? Motti, Ree-Yees, and R2 all should be recarded and re-released. DS Trooper needs to be retooled and there's no excuse for having that preposed Han Stormtrooper figure be THE basic carded version of this figure. This is lame to me, this is so incredibly sub-par to the previous Fans' Choice polls! Where are the new figures? These are just recycling, might as well do 'em all.

    Anyway, R2 is currently out in front at 27% with Han & Motti tied for 2nd at 24% a piece.

    Oh, and since this is Hasbro's OTC poll, I'm moving this thread to the OTC forum.
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    While R2 is the better figure (and the best R2 we have seen yet), I will be voting for Motti. Everybody needs a victim for Vaders force choke!!

    I'd say him, Liea, and R2 were all equally HTF from my experience since I'd never seen any of them at retail. I could see them still re-releasing the R2 anyways since he's a core character. They should've used the com-tech sculpt for the BAR2, now we know why Hasbro didn't.

    Interesting poll though, pick yer re-pack. I wonder if they will do a new sculpt poll this year? That Antilles from the last poll turned out to be one awesome figure!


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