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    Hasbro's "Rob The Fans Collection" Poll!

    Good news gang! Because Hasbro loves and appreciates Star Wars fans so much, they've given us all the opportunity to vote on the next Fan Choice figure! Cast your vote now for the following figure, which will appear in new "Star Wars: The Rob the Fans Collection" packaging!

    Kellogg's Han Solo in Stormtrooper Disguise
    (Comes with a reproduction of the original mail-in coupon we redeemed to receive the figure the first time.)

    R5-D4 w/ Concealed Photon Rocket
    (Why sculpt a new figure when Hasbro can make just as much money selling us the awful original version in a pretty new package?)

    Wedge Antilles from Millennium Falcon Case w/ Helmet Error
    (Hasbro sets a new record by killing secondary market AND a variation at the same time!)

    B'Omarr Monk
    (Yes, we already own the mail order version, as well as the one that came with the Jabba's Court Denizens set. But you can never have enough of a background character that appeared on camera for an eighth of a second.)

    Jorg Sacul
    (This one gets my vote---can you say "Voodoo Doll"?)

    (Because the 7,000 hanging on the pegs at my TRU just aren't enough)

    Luke Skywalker--Theater Edition
    (So much for saying "Well, the dance scene sucked, but at least I got a rare figure out of going to see the Special Edition of Return of the Jedi!")

    Mouse Droid 8-pack
    (There simply aren't enough Mouse Droids packed-in with every figure and gift set that hits the market.)

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    Heh heh... good one. But you forgot:

    Malakili, Rancor Keeper
    (This tubby fool warmed pegs for so long that it ripped a hole in the fabric of space and time, but maybe some suckers will fall for it again)

    Dengar, POTF2 version
    (Because the new Saga Dengar might not be enough to fill all the Dengar needs in newer collector's hearts)

    Deluxe Crowd Control Stormtrooper
    (So what if he's EU, short, dirty, and not that entertaining? Since everybody will be snatching up the re-released CTC Stormies, gotta have these on shelves for the rest of the collectors who can't find the CTC version and might be just desparate enough for a Stormtrooper figure... any Stormtrooper figure)

    btw, fixed "eighth" in your post, it was missing the 2nd "h".
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    I would actually buy the mouse droid 8 pack and I know someone else who would... Come out, come out, come out whever you are Tycho.
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    I've got enough Zuttons in my TRU for them to repack and evenly disperse across the country.

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    How about around the whole world?
    Come vote in my Best Figure thread this Preview Month.

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    They've just added a new voting choice, "Ziploc sandwich bag full of loose monkey Leia heads." It's a strange one, but I'm voting for it because I can always use another Ziploc bag for something.

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    They can do a "Figures You Paid Alot Of Money For Because They Only Came With A Very Expensive Vehicle" Collection. Come on Hasbro! Let's see that Generic Y-Wing Fighter Pilot on the pegs!!! I only took out a loan to afford the one I already own!
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    How about an "almost Classic Trilogy Collection"......but wait, theres more....

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    You forgot Tatooine Luke. It has only been redone 3 million times since 2001. This HOF character has been difficult to spot on shelves being so rare. He can come with his blast helmet, T-16 model, lightsaber, bionoculars and all in one pack. Tatooine Luke: Ultimate is coming toa store near you.
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    Howabout a Figure 2-pack for $10 that consists of a Commtech Han Solo (for the umpteenth time to be rereleased), Commtech Greedo, and Han's booth at the Cantina. Silly Hasblow can simulate Greedo shooting first in the package!!

    (Don't worry, Im only joking. I'm a "Han Shoots First" fan)
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