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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedi_Master_Guyute
    Did anybody else watch "errie, Indiana" by any chance? I remember that show was pretty fun to watch when i was a youngling.

    I remember that show. I saw the two epsidoes that aired.
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    I loved American Gothic and Farscape too jeddah. Shame to see them go. I can't even remember if AG had its final episodes aired. If they were I missed them and never found out how the whole story concluded. Gary Cole was awesome.

    A few others I enjoyed that got the axe were- Michael Mann's Robbery Homicide Division, Firefly, Boomtown, and now Angel.
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    Ed was great, as was The Tick. I went to Best Buy to get the Tick on DVD and they were sold out.

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    Have any of you guys heard if millennium is coming out on DVD in the USA?
    I loved the first 2 series. I signed up to a Fox home entertainment newsletter here in the uk and it said it was coming out. As to when i dont know, Just thought i would ask my american friends.
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    Lightbulb PI, FamGuy, BenStil & Mr. Show? good calls but. . .

    . . . the "cancelled" distinction used here's a bit tricky, cuz if a cancelled show managed to last longer than any realistic expectations (as, in Mr's case, 4 seasons) or longer than is usually considered a short, unsuccessful run (PI's Five seasons), should it really be included in a "killed to soon" lament? by the same token what if it lasted only a few eps but was "only" a mid-season replacement, so never officially got "cancelled" since it never officially became part of a network's schedule?
    oh well here's a few i'm surprised no one spoke up for, comedy central should run a "short but sweet" timeslot showcasing such gems one at a time since most of their runs are too short for any other sort of syndication:
    Home Movies- from the Dr. Katz "squigglevision" cats
    Da Kwitik (jon lovitz, who made a moe's tavern cameo 2nite )
    The PJ's- the only time in the last 2 decades eddie murphy's been pee-yer-pants funny?
    Get A Life- the patron saint of ahead-of-its-time antisitcoms
    Dilbert- GAL's chrissy elliott voices dogbert
    hon mentions: michael moore's TV Nation, The Edge (sketchcom from GAL/Romy&Michelle's dave mirkin; Lookit all the pre-star talent in this cast!), The Oblongs- uneven but scary strong when it hit
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    Freaks and Geeks is definitely a winner. The setting (1980?) was slightly before I was in high school but I could relate to the protagonists. A great show.

    Family Guy is just brilliant, with Futurama close behind. I wish they had been cleaner, but at least they were well written.

    Millenium I thought for a while was like X-Files lite but it turned out to grow on me and toward the end I thought it was good. I wish I had watched more of the episodes and kept up with it.

    PJs, like FG and F-rama, was LOL great. The animation style was so cool and it was one of the few recent Eddie Murphy-driven projects that worked well. I can't think of a single episode that wasn't good. Plus the endless SW references made it a winner in my book.

    KH, I don't know if Twin Peaks was really ever cancelled. I thought it just had a specific life span and at the end of the two years that was it. Still a great show, but I can see non-Lynch fans just not getting it. Sometimes you have to have patience with his style and stick it out to get to the end.
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    Nowhere Man
    Kindred: The Embraced
    The Lone Gunmen

    and of course, soon to be joined by...

    Tru Calling

    There are others, but everyone has pretty much nailed 'em.
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    VT, I thought you knew, Home Movies is just wrapping up it's newest season with eps 49 and 50 this upcoming Sunday and the one after. Last night's new ep (#48) was good, but slightly uneven. They have been on fire this season as a whole though.

    I never felt The Critic was that good, it had potential but mostly stuck with Lovitz-themed watered-down writing, rarely as biting as it should have been. Fox did it no favors by picking it up either.

    PJs had some good moments, but the 2nd season didn't even have Eddie Murphy anymore, they got someone to replace him. The gags also were pretty one-note by then too, the same stereotypes over and over.

    Dilbert, I liked this show but very uneven writing and I really felt Chris Elliot sucked as Dogbert... of course, I don't think much of him in most of the stuff he does either, he beats comedy over the head, that's his schtick.

    I've been watching The Oblongs on Cartoon Network again once in a while, it's still got some funny, but the no-limbed Dad, Bob (ha ha), is often the weakest link and surprise surprise, he's played by "only slightly less-annoying than Chris Elliot" Will Farrell.

    I don't remember The Edge, but I miss MTV's The State.

    ManCan, what do you mean by "cleaner"? You mean the humor shouldn't have been so "adult" or what? Personally, I adore both series with all my might, I would gladly sacrifice The Simpsons for either of them to return.

    Lone Gunmen, that was really good, I hated that they canned it and hated even more how they wrapped it all up on X-Files (which *should* have been cancelled about 2 years earlier).
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    Here's a few I liked that ended to early for me:

    Space: Above and Beyond
    The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. - Bruce Rules!!!
    Tour of Duty
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidiously Darth
    Space: Above and Beyond
    I liked this show, but I didn't really like this show until just as it was going out. As they began to gear up for Operation Roundhammer, I was hooked. Of course, shortly after reaching the moon of the Chig homeworld, it was no more.

    I'll put in another mention for Angel. I've never sent letters to studios, advertisers, and whomever until this nonsense. I hope desperately I haven't chosen to stand in a hopeless battle.

    Why, why can't I just send letters to plead that they renew Survivor or derivative crime dramas so I can just declare victory and go about my day watching DVDs?
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