View Poll Results: What are your plans for the Star Wars Celebration in Inidianapolis?

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  • I will be attending because I enjoyed the Denver Con.

    14 8.70%
  • I am going because I've never been to a Star Wars Con.

    42 26.09%
  • I will be attending mostly to get the exclusive figure.

    8 4.97%
  • I'm not going because I was disappointed with the Denver Con.

    3 1.86%
  • I won't go because I'm concerned with airline safety.

    1 0.62%
  • I can't go because traveling costs too much for me.

    39 24.22%
  • I will go for another reason.

    15 9.32%
  • I won't be going for another reason.

    39 24.22%
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    Barada2, it is May 3-5, 2002 in Indianapolis.

    (just for reference, most Episode 2 toys will be released in your own town by April 22 (almost 2 weeks before the convention).

    Go to or the Fan Club store in their shopping section for more details. There are also at least a handful of fan-made sites that have popped up to hype the convention.

    The exclusive figure will probably be like the theater-edition Luke Jedi (an older figure with special commemorative packaging). It is ANH's 25th Anniversary, so you can guess it will also be from ANH and an important character (read resculpt if it even IS a new mold). I still have my theater Luke specially protected on his card from the premier of Return of the Jedi: the Special Edition. It brings back good memories for me. Maybe I'll start a special figure collection. This one will only be the second. But I do dioramas so I prefer things that I can open and use...

    I don't recall the admission fees but I think it's like 25 dollars a day, or 70 bucks for the whole 3 day thing. The official site will have that information. Sorry I didn't have time to check it at the present, and no, I haven't ordered my tickets yet.

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    Thanks for that!! I just live about 4 hours south of Indianapolis in west Kentucky. My grandmother only lives 1 hour from Indy, so at least I have a place to stay... Sounds like a well planned event. This is much different from just a toy show. I do plan on attending. thanks again!!

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    I will be going to check out the local bar scene. Nothing like getting drunk and discussing the philosophy of Star Wars!

    All kidding aside though, I'm going because I have higher expectations than I did for the Denver con. For the price it costs, it better be really outstanding. Plus, I live in Chicago and the drive to Indy is like 3 hours or something, so its just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

    I don't care at all about exclusive figures unless it is a completely new and different character that will never be offered in another form. I also don't plan on buying a lot of stuff either, I really don't need anything in terms of action figures, unless I see something really great really cheap. (Like that'll happen )

    Plus, its nice to meet and talk to fans from all around the country (and world for that matter.)
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    I can't go because traveling costs too much for me.
    Just imagine how much a plane ticket from Sydney to Indianapolis would cost!!!! Im not ade of money you know
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    So adding up the numbers, as of near the end of December, it looks like half our readers are going - and half will not.

    48% going

    52% not going

    But not a lot of people responded to this poll - so either the convention topic didn't interest them, there were too many poll choices for the undecisive, or many people still don't know what their plans are.

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    I wish i was going. Unfortunatley, it is too far away from me. I wish i could go to go to the exclusive figure.
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